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a very belated update

I can’t believe it has been over a week since our last post. Sorry for no updates but things have been very busy around here. Work has finally picked up and now instead of being bored at work and no freelance gigs, I am swamped at work and have three freelance gigs. On top of that we are searching for a house as we have to be out of our place in a month and a half. We have it narrowed down to a couple, just have to make the tough decision. More room and new versus older but closer in to the city. Decisions, decisions. We have had glorious weather lately so all I have really wanted to do is climb into a kiddie pool with Sofia and eat ice cream.


On the bean front there are many updates as well. Sofia has had her first official post-mundan haircut. Well three actually. Don’t ask and definitely don’t ask Ajay about the $21 one. Seriously, for a children’s haircut, that was mostly an afterthought during Ajay’s own haircut, that cost $9. Seriously.


Sofia has become much more talkative and repeats everything. I mean everything. The other day she dropped something and I swear she said “Oh F*&#”. Twice. I don’t know where she would have picked that one up. She will ask you a question and answer herself saying “Yea? Okay, okay!”. She just looked at me and said “Cookie? Yea, okay!”. Her temper is developing nicely as well. If you give her something and she doesn’t want it she will throw it. Or if you tell her no she will pick something up and throw it. Or if you look at her the wrong way she will pick up something and throw it. Last night she smacked me in the face with one of her toys, and oh yes, it was quite on purpose. Her Hindi is picking up as well and before going outside she will ask for her juta (shoes). Pretty darn cute.

Other than that nothing much else is going on. We are almost done house hunting, hopefully finalizing that in the next couple weeks. Project Baby Holden is almost done and could be any day now. Jacqueline’s first due date is today, the other one is next week so anytime now we are expecting the call. How exciting!!

No plans for the 4th except to wish Sofia’s Dada in India a very happy birthday. Then Ajay’s birthday is in a week. In lieu of presents please send yourselves.


For our friends and family near and far, you are always close in our hearts and we wanted to share this new and exciting journey with you! Say hi!

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  1. that first picture of her needs to be hanging in my cube! she is so, so, SO cute! i love the haircut.
    i also think the picture of her reading in her high chair is so adorable.
    thanks for the smile!