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at this moment

At this moment, Sofia is 3
Going on thirteen.

She loves to dress up
Anything princess, the bigger the skirt, the better.

She loves to put her animals to bed
As I type I am surrounded by tiny animals laying on tiny pillows on the floor covered with tiny blankets. Kinda cute, kinda creepy.

She has a temper
I had the nerve to actually… make her puppy dance instead of clap. Boy did I learn my lesson.

She just discovered the Wiggles
Please help me. Seriously. Help me.

She loves her cousins
Last night I felt like she was a bit lonely so I told her I was sorry she didn’t have a brother or sister. She said “but I do mommy!” and I said oh yea? and she replied “Sebastian and Eloise are my brother and sister!” Ah so cute.

At this moment, my sweet bean is 3
And I couldn’t love her more.

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