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taking after mommy

So the little bean has quite and appetite. We were back at the doctor’s again yesterday for another checkup and she has put on yet another pound. She now tops out at 9 pounds, 11 ounces. Go bean!

cimg0378.jpgThis week has flown by. Her aunt Gigi came by with Eloise and Sebastian. Eloise seems like she is slowly but surely warming up to her cousin. She even had a momentary cuddle with Gigi and Sofia. It didn’t last long though so at least we have it on camera so we have proof!

In other news I swear Sofia smiled at me the other day. It was brief but it was a definite look and smile when I was talking to her. Of course it was most likely gas but a mother can dream can’t she? We had a mini photo shoot and here are some of the shots, including one of her “smiling”.
cimg0384.jpg cimg0387.jpgcimg0389.jpg


so many changes

cimg0304.jpgAnother week has passed and so many things are changing already. Sofia is getting bigger and stronger every day and she is becoming more noticing of the world around her. She had a busy second week, full of visitors, a celebration brunch, trips to Auntie Gigi’s and even her first snowfall! She also had her first real bath, which she liked being in but didn’t like coming out of. Hopefully the weather will improve this week and we can take her out more. She didn’t really like being bundled to walk around in the cool winter weather. She takes after her mom and would much rather be camped on the couch watching a movie.


welcome to the world little bean

cimg0232.jpgOn January 5th at 6:24pm our lives were blessed once again with the arrival of our daughter, Sofia Bala Rana. She came into the world weighing 8lbs, 11 oz. She has already gained back most of her birthweight, not surprising since she is such a good little eater. We are still adjusting to our new life but are loving every minute of it.

Thanks to everyone for all their emails and calls of congratulations and support. We are so thankful for all the love and support. Forgive us if it takes us a bit to write and call everyone back. She’s definitely keeping us on our toes!