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the countdown begins

img_9743.jpgOn Friday we hit the 38 week mark, basically meaning the little bean could come at any time. We have spent the past couple weeks trying to get everything organized and settled, ready for her arrival. My family comes in tomorrow to celebrate the Christmas holiday so we wanted to make sure we weren’t rushing around once they got here and could just relax and enjoy the holidays.

img_9742.jpgSome of the preparation included the set up of the bean’s “nursery”, also known as a corner in our bedroom. A crib, a changing table and her Sir Leaps-a-lot… what more could a little one want?


Mother’s Brunch

jen-babyshower-008.jpgLast weekend my mom came down to Portland for my second baby shower brunch. This one was a little more intimate, just my Mom, Gina, Jacqueline, Dave’s mom Patti, my Nana and my mom’s friend Bunny and her daughter Shea Marie. It was fun having all those moms around to catch up with. Of course it was fitting we had brunch at a place called Mother’s. They have a fabulous brunch and we all had a good time. We took a few pictures and as you can see I just keep growing, and growing, and growing…

ptru1-3063810reg.jpgIn other baby news we are now on our two week doctor visits. As always things look “just perfect” in terms of the baby growing, weight gain, blood pressure, all that good stuff. We’ll see how much longer this all lasts. We also got our first piece of baby furniture. My mom and dad sent us our changing table. It is fun to see our little “nursery” coming together… and how full the dresser already is! The little bean is moving a lot the past few days. I think she is taking after her mom and knows that Thanksgiving is just around the corner and is looking for a way to bust out in time for turkey and stuffing. Just over 6 weeks to go!


baby shower

This past weekend my wonderful sisters and mother threw me my first baby shower up in Spokane. We had a lovely afternoon complete with finger sandwiches, mini-quiches, bite-size brownies and mini-crostadas… yum! Thank you for all who made it to the shower. It was nice to catch up with everyone! There were also plenty of jelly beans and we capped the weekend off with a trip out to the apple orchards for some carmel apples… can you tell I have a sweet tooth? :) I also got a nice glimpse at being a mom with the 7 hour car ride each way to Spokane with Sebastian and Eloise.