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Back from Victoria

We got back from Victoria late last night and now it is back to life in the real world. We arrived there on Thursday afternoon, after taking the ferry from Port Angeles, checked into our hotel and took a walk around the city. We were staying at the Best Western but as soon as we walked into the room we knew it wasn’t the relaxing vacation hotel we were looking for. The room was clean but small. After walking around in the afternoon we saw the Marriott everywhere and knew it was a sign to change hotels. We looked online and they had a last minute deal so the next morning we checked out and into the Marriott.

Ajay took me for a wonderful birthday breakfast at the dutch pancake house. So good. I could have stayed there all day. We dropped our stuff off at the Marriott though and were on our way to the Butchart Gardens. It was a 30 minute bus ride away but well worth it. Our camera had died the night before so as soon as we got there we bought a cheap disposable one. Most of our pics are from the gardens. After the day at the gardens we went out for a great italian dinner. I think if everyone could end their night eating chocolate mousse the world would be much happier. The next day we walked a lot and took a horse-drawn trolley ride around the city. A few more good meals and before we knew it, it was already Sunday and time to catch the ferry back. All in all a perfect trip and just what we needed.



hello to everyone. here is our first post on our new site for our little one to come. There are a few pictures in the photo section of our ultrasound so far. Still a little bean but kicking her mom more and more each day. Somehow she is calm the minute daddy comes near. What a coincidence… :)

We’ll post more in a few days. We are off to Victoria tomorrow for a long weekend of relaxation. Might be the last time we get to relax like that for awhile!