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bad mommy day

Yesterday was a rough day, and it carried on into the evening. One of those days where you feel like your legs are moving really fast but you are moving in dry sand so you really aren’t going anywhere, not getting much return for your effort. I won’t lie, it wasn’t a very good “mommy” day for me. A good mommy day is one where there are Sofia eats three solid meals, I dance around tantrums with very little notice and a whole lot of grace, and by 8pm the bean is asleep in her own bed and I am on the couch, house cleaned, wine in hand. A bad mommy day for me looks very different. It is one with tantrums, food fights, piles of laundry, and tears being shed. The bean’s presence is optional. Yesterday was one such day. By the time we sat down for dinner last night there had been yelling, and in a state of despair I shouted at Sofia that she could either sit down or go to her room until she was 4. She calmly turned to me and said “Mommy, why are you mad?” I said “I am not mad, I am just really frustrated.” I then proceeded to list off all the ways that I was frustrated and she sat quietly, listening to what I had to say. I said “you know what would make me happy? If you listened when I asked you to do something, if you picked up your toys when I asked, and if you didn’t drown your pot stickers in bubble water and laugh while it pours out onto the floor.” She sat for a minute, nodding her head, and then exclaimed “Oh! I know!!!” her eyes getting bigger and bigger “You know what else would make you happy?” I let out a loud sigh, prepared for her to say something along the lines of Popsicles or Barney. “Oh yea, what would make me happy?” She smiled. “A great big hug from me. That would make you happy.” I leaned forward and let her wrap her little arms around my neck and as she squeezed with all her might I felt the stress of the day melt away and realized she was right. It did make me happy.

Maybe it was a good mommy day after all.

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