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cimg5341.jpgcimg5344.jpgThe bean’s birthday went off without a hitch. It was perfect, just a small gathering of Auntie Lala, Uncle Paul, Nana, Papa, Bebe and Grandpa. Sofia spent the morning with Bebe and Grandpa out shopping, picking out her birthday present and helping Bebe figure out her cell phone. Then it was back to the loft for pizza and cupcakes. Sofia was a trooper and loved the cupcakes but loved opening her presents more.

She loved everything she opened, cimg5400.jpgooohing and ahhing at all the right moments. Two of her favorites are a ride on truck from Nana and Papa and a little pink purse from Nonna and Nonno. cimg5386.jpgShe had been taking mine from off the hooks and carrying them around on her shoulder like I do. The minute she opened this one she let out a big, excited ooooooh! and put it on her arm and walked around. After presents we went for a long walk and then took the gang out for dinner and gelato. A pretty good first birthday I think.


Bebe and Grandpa had been instructed that the Bean needs no more toys so they bought her something functional instead. I think we all were more excited for it than Sofia was at first. It is a faucet cover/water deflector and a very funky one at that. It creates a peaceful waterfall when the water is on and even has a little dispenser for bubble bath. flo_main.jpgThat night it was bath time I announced and Sofia threw down her book and ran into the bathroom, squealing at her bath toys, I’m coming on in guys! I put on the water deflector and Sofia squealed again and LOVED how the water flowed into the tub. She was in heaven. I thought, what could make this better… bubbles of course! I put some of her bath wash in the dispenser and pushed the button twice, just the right amount I thought. Immediately the bubbles started forming and just as immediately Sofia started protesting. The bigger the bubbles got the louder the bean got. What. Is. Going. On. Here?!?! She started to look around at her toys getting sucked in and covered by the bubbles and all hell broke loose. She then noticed her hands. Covered in bubbles. She started wailing. I started laughing. She stopped for a moment and stared at me in horror. Could I not see that there was something horrible covering everything? She shoved her hand in my face for me to get a better look and resumed wailing. Ajay had to come in and take her out of the tub while I tried to rinse the remaining bubbles down the drain. Finally we got everything and everyone cleaned off and warm, clear water was put back in the tub. Sofia got back in and happiness was restored. Needless to say we will be avoiding bubbles for awhile.

For our friends and family near and far, you are always close in our hearts and we wanted to share this new and exciting journey with you! Say hi!

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