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Grace Amaya

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Grace Amaya

Oh Grace Amaya, you came into this world so tiny but with such a large voice. At 4lbs 13oz you were so tiny, and gave us such a scare in the hospital. You didn’t want to eat and breath and had to figure that out before we could take you home. Leaving the hospital without you was one of the hardest things we have had to do.

You still hate to do two things at once. When you’re eating you have to feel your food first and if there is a bite with two different things/textures/tastes you’ll spit it out into your hand and sift through it like you’re looking for gold. So messy!

You’ve taken your time to sit, crawl and walk and now that you can do all three you are your biggest cheerleader. The look on your face as you can now walk across the family room is sheer joy and pride. Sometimes you even clap for yourself which is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen.

Lucky for us your voice has gotten slightly smaller. The first many months something about your screams and cries would drive me to search for chocolate. Maybe because I have gotten used to the slight nuances in your cries, but they don’t affect me the same. I know your hunger cry, your mad cry, your “i’m so degradedtaded i need to just be left alone” cry.

You already have such a great sense of humor. You love to arch your back and fake scream when I’m buckling you in to your carseat but you are really smiling and when I say “don’t do it, sit down” you giggle and squirm and laugh. It’s a race when changing your diaper to put your pants on before you rip your diaper off. You think it’s all so hilarious. It usually is except for when we’re running late which we usually are. When Frankie comes close and wants to take what you have out of your hands you’ll spin yourself around in a circle using only your feet. It drives Frankie crazy but it makes us laugh. What a little jokester you’re turning out to be. Happy almost birthday our little Gracie Goo.

Francesca Lee

birthdays twins

Francesca Lee

Oh my sweet Frankie Bear. You were the second one out and much less vocal than your 2 minutes older sister Gracie. My how that’s changed. You have found your voice and you are never hesitant to scream in anger if you aren’t getting what you want, day or middle of the night. You have hit the ground running, literally. You seem to be following in the Bean’s footsteps and crawled when she crawled and walked when she walked. You have always been steady on your feet and are so fast, running everywhere, anticipating our every move and keeping us on our toes. You eat by the fistful but in a deliberate and calculating way. Sometimes if you really like what you are eating you’ll make little happy noises while you chew. You love yogurt, bananas, pb&js and cheese. Cheerios you’ll eat off the floor.

You love your Daddy and will run over to the gate the minute he comes home. You don’t mind me too much either :) If I sit on the floor you’ll come over and sit in my lap for a brief moment or give me a hug, then continue on your way to playing. If Gracie starts fussing and crying you’ll run over to my lap and sit in it then stare at her. We’re in for it with you two. But you sure do love your sisters. You love your Bean and your Gracie. The other day in kids club Gracie was finally moved into the larger walkers area with you. She just sat there and cried, but you walked over to her, put your hand on her back and smiled in her face as if to say “Hey Gracie, it’s me Frankie! I’m here too!” Such a sweetheart.

You love to dance. You do the same little leg bend Sofia did when she was your age. When Sofia is dancing around the living room you’ll stand behind her and stare at here until you get the beat down then away you go, squat and stand, squat and stand, then clap clap clap. Repeat.

What a joy you are to wake up to every morning. I look forward to your twin babble with Gracie as you both wait for one of us to come in and get you. I sure do wonder what you guys are talking about. Happy almost birthday my Frankie Bear.

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happy birthday to you

You’re in your room belting out Christmas carols. Yes, Christmas was a couple weeks ago, but who cares. To you every moment deserves a song and dance, and bedtime is no different. What a joyful world you live in. You are singing along with your cousins, and can sing a perfect version of Eloise’s “Jolly Old Saint Nicholas”, complete with her deep breathes and interpretive melody. You should be asleep by now, but I’m letting you enjoy the last few minutes of being four. You turn five tomorrow. Five. FIVE. Where did this year go? Seriously? Wasn’t it just October and I was saying I was going to get better about posting? In a blink of an eye you went from three to five it seems.

Most of the time I can’t believe you are just now turning five. The things you say, the things you think about in your small little head, the amount of love you have in your small little heart, your soul seems older than just five. But then other times you crack up over something so small and so silly and your laugh is so contagious that I can’t help but join in the belly laughing, leaving me to feel that I am the one that is five. I love that.

As you say to me every night when you go to bed, I love you more than anything. I am the luckiest person in the world because I get to be your mom. Happy birthday my sweet bean… now go to bed.

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four years gone by

Today is your birthday my sweet bean. My how these 4 years have flown by. We got to go to your school today for your celebration ceremony. We watched you take your four trips around the sun, holding the little earth tight in your hands. We had to make a poster with a story and a picture from each year of your life. It was so hard to choose only one story from each year. I think you have done more in your young life than many people do in their whole lifetimes. Every day is such an adventure with you and I can’t wait to see what the next year will bring.

I thought I might be a little weepy watching your class celebrate your fourth year of life but I couldn’t stop smiling with pride. The way you sat so still on your little stool in front of the whole class. The way you wore your pink crown. The way you called on each classmate so they could share their birthday blessing with you. The way that most of the class said they liked your crown, they liked your felt cake, but most of all they liked being your friend. You have turned into such a little lady in the past few weeks. Sometimes I see you out of the corner of my eye and I hardly recognize you. But then you turn your head and make a silly face, flashing me that smile we all know and love, and I know in an instant you are still my sweet, tiny little bean. We love you little buggy.

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happy birthday buddy!

Six years ago today I became an Aunt. I still remember when Ajay and I were moving to Portland and Gina called to ask if we wanted their guest bed. Why would we want their guest bed? What would they put in their guest room? If it wasn’t a guest room what would it be?… Ohhhh! I finally understood Gina’s subtle way of telling me her news. I was going to be an aunt, and it was perfect timing. When we moved to Portland I wasn’t working so I got to spend a lot of quality time with Sebastian. Gina would drop him off on her way to work and I got to spend a few hours with him, just buddy and me. I miss those days, goofing out, just the two of us, but feel so fortunate to live so close to see that little guy grow up. Buddy, you are awesome and you rock. We love you. Happy birthday six year old!!

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