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and the hoarding continues

Now that her suitcase is full Sofia has been looking for alternate modes of hoarding. Today she shrieked when she found a backpack she got on one of our Asiana flights. immediately she began filling it up. She just pulled out a book and a dryer sheet fell out with it. Before I could say anything she said “oh I need that” and shoved it back in the backpack. Like I said, we are in trouble.

On a side note, the book she pulled out? It is a Mickey Mouse graphic novel. In German. She has been reading it all afternoon. While wearing the backpack of course.

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I apologize for not updating in awhile, and also for having the site down for so long. I just am so ready for spring I couldn’t stare at that holiday pattern anymore. So here is the updated site. There is lots more to add but I wanted to get it back up and running. Let me know if anything looks off or broken. Stay tuned for more updates in the next few days as well as some new photos. I need to take some video soon of the bean. Some of the things that come out of her mouth really crack me up.