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help me help you

cimg5509.jpgSofia’s becoming quite the little helper. She loves to have me wheel in her high chair when I am cooking, explaining the steps, narrating the ingredients, apologizing for the swearing when I burn things. She rambles back, telling me what I am doing wrong, suggesting thyme instead of sage and making sure I watch the timer. Today she helped me put together a bookcase. Ajay woke up and said she was in training. The Duvoisin girls are usually the putter-togethers. cimg5522.jpgUsually people complain when something comes in pieces, needing to be put together first. We rejoice and say it is like getting two gifts. If we feel like having a real party we throw out the instructions and see what we can do on our own. Today during bean’s training we followed the directions. She did great and we’re heading back to Target tomorrow to see what else we can put together. She is now on the floor reading Real Simple. Wonder what she is making tonight!

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membership to the mom club

“What’s wrong?”
“I’ve got problems with my yeast”
“Um, what?”
“I don’t think my second round of yeast is working… for the bread”

I am now a mom and feel the need in this holiday season to join the mom club my sister and mother belong to. That is the mom club where you say “why buy that… I could make that!”. They both take something simple like an afternoon party or Halloween and say things like “oh we are doing a simple menu of something totally extravagant, amazing and oh so delicious and yes, I am making it all… from scratch” or “yes, they are dressing up for Halloween as cupcakes… and I am making their costumes… by hand”. I used to think they were crazy or smoked from some kind of pipe that I knew nothing about, but for some reason this holiday season I have been bitten with the bug.

My latest endeavor was my attempt at making panettone from scratch. We have it every year from the Italian store at home. I wasn’t a big fan at first but year after year I have grown to like it more and more and this year thought it would be nice to make some at home that I can bring with me when we head north to my parents house. I got the recipe and instructions by another blog and decided Sunday would be the day. I was a little nervous as my last attempt at bread with yeast was a disaster, but I took a deep breath and started. The first round of yeast worked beautifully and I danced around with bean as it was rising to celebrate. The second round didn’t do so well. I don’t think it was foamy enough, it foamed, but just not enough. I pressed on though and my fears were confirmed when after two hours the combination of the doughs and fruit did not double in size. I had put too much time into it though so I baked it anyway and it actually managed to come out looking like the real thing, it just ended up being much much denser then the final product should be.

I did some research and I don’t think this is the best recipe out there so I may try it again. I liked the candied lemon peel that I added to it, but mini-dark chocolate chips would be quite good as well. We’ll see what I can come up with.