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could you repeat that?

“Hey! Mommy! It’s an alien car!”
“Oh yea? Huh, where?”
“Right there!”
“Yea, I don’t see it”
“It’s on it’s way to the hospital. That’s where the alien car goes. To. The. Hospital.”
“Ohhhhh.” Wth is she talking about?
“Yea, it’s an alien car. If you are riding a bike and fall off you can sit in the alien car and they will fix you and take you to the hospital.”
“Oh”, insert looooong pause. “OHHHH! You mean an ambulance?”
“YEEESSSS! That’s what I said! An ambulance. A ambulance takes you to the hospital. A alience. A alien car. That’s what I said!”

She also wants a poker stick. So she can bounce and hop all around.

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and the hoarding continues

Now that her suitcase is full Sofia has been looking for alternate modes of hoarding. Today she shrieked when she found a backpack she got on one of our Asiana flights. immediately she began filling it up. She just pulled out a book and a dryer sheet fell out with it. Before I could say anything she said “oh I need that” and shoved it back in the backpack. Like I said, we are in trouble.

On a side note, the book she pulled out? It is a Mickey Mouse graphic novel. In German. She has been reading it all afternoon. While wearing the backpack of course.

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don’t blink, you might miss it

Sofia has a very, oh shall we say, vibrant personality. I know this isn’t the first time we talk about this, or the last, but there are times when I stare at that kid and think where did you come from? From the moment her eyes open to the moment her eyes shut she is nonstop talking, sharing every thought in her brain with the world.

Most of the time it is inspiring, hearing a new perspective on the world, it reminds me to put away the computer for a moment, put down my phone, and just listen to the stream of consciousness coming out of this little being. I am afraid I will miss something, some phrase she has picked up or an observation she has made. I’ll catch myself asking her “what did you just say?” and she will always respond matter a fact, certain of what she is saying, almost with a tone of surprise that I hadn’t thought of it, or didn’t notice it myself.

Occasionally though it can be a bit overwhelming. Sometimes we crave a bit of silence and we get louder before it gets quieter. The other night I was painting her fingernails before her princess tea party and I finally told her that we couldn’t talk during finger nail painting. We had to whisper. I wanted to paint her fingernails forever. Even when she is watching a movie or show she is singing along, narrating the story, or talking back to the characters. We’ve been trying to incorporate things she is learning at school, because I know she isn’t this chatty in class, and hand raising is one of them. When we are on the phone, or talking to each other, we try to get her raise her hand and sit quietly before interrupting. I think the key word there is “try”. Last night at dinner Ajay and I were trying to talk about vacations and she kept chiming in. So we told her she needed to sit there and wait. So she did. Then she and I were chatting and Ajay chimed in. Sofia told him that he needed to raise his hand if he had a question. So he did. I said “yes Daddy, what’s your question?” and he said “I want one too” and Sofia immediately followed up with “Sorry Daddy, that wasn’t a question, that was a comment”. We both looked at each other, then turned back to her and asked her to repeat herself. She said slowly, to make sure we understood, “that wasn’t a question… that. was. a. comment.” See? You gotta pay attention or you might miss these things.

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That’s not a lady, that’s my mommy!

Today on our way to school our lane merged with another lane on the freeway. I was well ahead of the car next to me but for whatever reason the man driving didn’t like that I moved in front. I got the bird. He passed us then and gave us a nice stare down, to which I replied with a smile and friendly wave. Sofia asked who that was, and why was I waving hello. I told her he wasn’t nice when I passed them so when people are angry the best thing is to just smile and be nice. She likes to hear stories over and over again so over the course of our 30 minute drive I repeated it a few times. Finally she asked “what did he say when you passed him”. I didn’t want to say he flipped me off as that would take us down another road of explanations. So I said “he said – stupid lady!”. Sofia started laughing. “But mommy, you aren’t a lady!” “Oh yea? Then what am I?” “You’re not a lady, you’re a mommy. Silly mommy”. Silly mommy.

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my hope for you

My sweet bean,
I have many hopes for you on your first full day at school.
I hope that your first day is filled with laughter
I hope you run and play
I hope no one picks on you or makes you feel bad
I hope you aren’t too scared or afraid
I hope you make friends easily
I hope everyone sees what an amazing kiddo you are
But my biggest hope?
I hope you don’t kick a girl in the face like you did at camp.

xoxo mommy