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our father, who art with kevin

A couple weekends ago Sofia took a helium filled balloon outside and promptly cut the string. Up, up and away it went. Down, down, down came the tears. Grandpa tried to console her and said that it was heading up to Heaven. She seemed okay with that, and after a bit forgot all about that balloon.

Cut to this past weekend on the coast. Ajay was out packing the car and Sofia and I came out just in time to see the balloon she had gotten at the local Pig n Pancake float out of the car and up into the sky. I braced myself for screams, pouts… tears at least. I slowly turned to Sofia and she just shrugged her shoulders. “That’s okay, it is going to see Kevin”. Um, what? “Ya, just like my other balloon with Grandpa. It floated up to Kevin.” Yea… Kevin.

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from the backseat

“Mama? Can I be a prince?”
“Well, usually girls are princesses and boys are the princes”
“So, what would you be?”
“A princess”
“And what would Sebastian be?”
“A prince!”
“Right! And Georgia?”
“A princess”
“And Noah?”
“A princess, just like me and Georgia”
“Uh, okay. And Eloise?”
“The magic witch”

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movie star in the making

“Mommy, can I be a movie star?”
“Sure, you can be anything”
“Great, I’m going to be a movie star. A BIG one”
“Oh bean, I don’t doubt it.”
“You can be a little one okay? But I am going to be a big one.”


“Hey there little miss movie star!”
“No, I’m not a movie star yet”
“Oh sorry, when are you going to be one?”
“At 3:30.”

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what Christmas is all about

At this time of year it is easy to get caught up in the buying, the rushing, the chaos and pressure of getting it all done. People are cranky and grumpy and tearing around the malls trying to get the best deal. Those people have lost sight of what this time of year is all about. This time of year is about family and friends, about what is truly important, about the little things in life that make it all worth while. Sometimes it is snuggling with the bean while she falls asleep that reminds me to take a moment and enjoy this time. Sometimes it is the quiet of a winter’s night and the calm a fresh snowfall brings. And sometimes it is videos like this. Laugh it up and Merry Stinkin’ Christmas!