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I do it, I do it!

Sofia is becoming very independent. She loves to try to do things herself and will get really mad at us if we try to help her. Like really mad. Like running full force at us screaming “I DOOOO IIIIITTTTTT!!” mad. Please, try not to laugh. That makes her run screaming at us too. It is so hard. I remember being little and hating it when adults would laugh at me. They were mocking me for sure, I thought, and I wanted no part of that. They would say it was because whatever I did was cute but I knew better.

Anyway, the bean, in her quest for independence, has become very resourceful. She carries around her “stoold” wherever she goes in the house so that she can reach what she wants. She never asks for help, the only sign that she was there, trying to reach something, is that we run into her “stoold”. We are used to them being in the bathrooms, so she can reach the toilet or the sink. We are not used to them next to the bookshelf, by the refrigerator, or in the hallway next to the lightswitch. Not so bad unless you find the stool in the dark. With your foot. At 3am. All joking aside it almost always puts a smile on my face to see it. It means she is getting bigger, doing things on her own, and feeling confident in her abilities. I know that reaching what she wants is great for her and makes her feel good to do that on her own. Almost always. Not at 3am. At 3 am my face looks like this:


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yup, that’s her daddy

“He’s here, he’s home, my daddy, your…. your…. your sister!”
“My sister?”
“Yah, your sister!”
“You think daddy is my sister?”
“Yes, he’s your sister.”
“Um, sisters are girls. Is daddy a girl?”
“No. Daddy is a…. daddy! He’s a daddy! He’s my daddy. He’s a Ajay. He’s a UNCLE Ajay. He’s a daddy. Yup, he’s my daddy!”

Gotta love that logic.

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kids say (and sing) the darndest things

Last night as I was putting Sofia to sleep I said “Are you my chota?” I sometimes call her that since choti is the hindi word for small. She replied with “Yes! Are you my best friend?”. “Heck ya!” I replied. I know this phase won’t last long so I’ll take it when I can get it. And then she said “and Daddy is my best friend. We are all best friends”. Oh she is too adorable. It almost made up for the fact it took her over an hour to fall asleep. At 11pm.

Here are a couple other great bean moments caught on tape.

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where I skip the story about poop on my foot

I could tell some stories about this weekend like how we took a family trip to Hood River yesterday and sat by the side of the river enjoying the kite surfing and sun. How Sofia and I dipped our toes in and played along the rocks. Or I could tell the one that involve bodily functions, that start out with good intentions but that end with poop on someone’s foot… more than once, but instead I will share this little tidbit:

Last night I was giving Sofia a bath. Usually I rush in and out, yelling at her as I do random chores around the house, trying to keep the conversation going with her so I know she hasn’t fallen in. Last night I decided to just sit down and enjoy the experience that is the bean. She can be hilarious and sometimes it is so quick you miss it. Like last night. She was playing with her tub toys, one big duck was chasing around a little duck.

“This is backyardigans” holding up the big duck “and this is problem” holding up the little duck.
“Yes, I suppose that is a problem, getting chased by a bigger duck”
“No this is problem” holding up the little duck “and these are the other backyardigans”
“Yes, that is a problem when you are chased by all the backyardigans”
“Yup this is problem… hi, I’m problem”
Cue lightbulb.
“You mean Pablo?”
“Yup, this is Pablo, these are the other backyardigans”

Like I said, hilarious.

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another gem

Yesterday afternoon Sofia woke up from her nap rather cranky. No idea where she gets that from. Anyway, after her visit to the bathroom we put on a pullup and headed out for a walk to the park. We were only about 50 feet from our house when a dog started barking. Sofia stopped in her tracks and came running back to me and threw her arms around my legs. Then she let go, turned around, looked up at me and smiled.

“Oh phew, it’s not a puma, it is a dog.”
“What?” (wasn’t sure I heard her correctly)
“Don’t worry mommy, not a puma, just a dog”

And we continued on our way. Phew.