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quick update

Yes we are still here under all these boxes. Just when I think we have made some progress in the unpacking, I open the garage door and see the gazillion boxes we have left to unpack. Things are settling in though and we are loving our new home and new neighborhood. Here are a few pics from the week prior to moving and the week after moving. I hope to take more once we are settled and before we jet off to Asia. Enjoy!

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happy mother’s day indeed

We had a great weekend here in Portland. Bebe and Grandpa flew in on Friday night and we came home from the airport to freshly baked pizza’s courtesy of Auntie Gigi which was so tasty. I don’t know how she does it all. Saturday morning started at the farmer’s market, then Sofia and I headed to her swim lessons, which was loads of fun and we both can’t wait to go back next week. We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing and headed out for a fabulous dinner. Sunday morning we went over to the Fleschner’s for an amazing Mother’s Day brunch again thanks to Auntie Gigi. Again I don’t know how she does it. She cooked all of the mom’s favorite breakfast items including biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs with bacon, challah french toast and rhubarb crumb cake. So very tasty. Sebastian presented all the mom’s with handmade cards that he made himself. He agreed that they were beautiful and thought maybe he should keep them. Too bad buddy. I took mine home! After all that we needed a walk so we headed to the Japanese Gardens. A perfect ending to a fabulous weekend. Here are the pics:


And to all you mother’s out there, and mom’s to be, hope you had a wonderful day and keep doin’ the wonderful job you are doing!

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formal apology

To the person sitting in the window seat next to us on the early morning flight to Chicago, I am so so sorry. My daughter really is deep down a sweet little bean. She just seems to have forgotten that lately and is under the assumption she is a bratty, whiny toddler. I think I may strap her down in a first class seat and quietly walk away. Is 6am too early to start drinking?

We are on our way to Boston tomorrow morning. Sofia gets to see where her mommy and daddy met and to meet some new friends. Hopefully it will all go smoothly. We will post when we get back, until then here are some pics from a recent trip to the park with the Fleschners.