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where I skip the story about poop on my foot

I could tell some stories about this weekend like how we took a family trip to Hood River yesterday and sat by the side of the river enjoying the kite surfing and sun. How Sofia and I dipped our toes in and played along the rocks. Or I could tell the one that involve bodily functions, that start out with good intentions but that end with poop on someone’s foot… more than once, but instead I will share this little tidbit:

Last night I was giving Sofia a bath. Usually I rush in and out, yelling at her as I do random chores around the house, trying to keep the conversation going with her so I know she hasn’t fallen in. Last night I decided to just sit down and enjoy the experience that is the bean. She can be hilarious and sometimes it is so quick you miss it. Like last night. She was playing with her tub toys, one big duck was chasing around a little duck.

“This is backyardigans” holding up the big duck “and this is problem” holding up the little duck.
“Yes, I suppose that is a problem, getting chased by a bigger duck”
“No this is problem” holding up the little duck “and these are the other backyardigans”
“Yes, that is a problem when you are chased by all the backyardigans”
“Yup this is problem… hi, I’m problem”
Cue lightbulb.
“You mean Pablo?”
“Yup, this is Pablo, these are the other backyardigans”

Like I said, hilarious.

General potty training

point taken

We are on day 2 of potty training (ish) with Sofia. I say ish because she wears a pull-up if we go anywhere, just diaperless at home. Today after a couple incidents, namely peeing outside and in the garage, I have been diligently asking her if she has to go potty. She keeps saying no and before I knew it the words came out of my mouth, “If you pee on the floor again after I have asked you if you have to go and you have told me no you will have to wear diapers again. Do you want to wear diapers? Don’t you want to wear underwear like a big girl? Like Eloise?”. She looked at me very seriously and said “No, like Sofia. I am like Sofia”. Yes bean, you sure are.