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my hope for you

My sweet bean,
I have many hopes for you on your first full day at school.
I hope that your first day is filled with laughter
I hope you run and play
I hope no one picks on you or makes you feel bad
I hope you aren’t too scared or afraid
I hope you make friends easily
I hope everyone sees what an amazing kiddo you are
But my biggest hope?
I hope you don’t kick a girl in the face like you did at camp.

xoxo mommy

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a new chapter begins

first day of school This morning Sofia started school. Real school. Full day school. Eat lunch and take a nap at school, school. Although technically today she is only there for a half day, meeting the new kids in her class and shaking hands with her teacher who is there to greet her at the door. She has been counting down the days until this day. “Is today Miss Pamela day?” she asks every morning. Finally today I could say “yes miss bean, today is “Miss Pamela day”.

While she was getting dressed she kept talking about what the day would be like, negotiating a marshmallow for the ride to school, asking a million other questions but all I could focus on were her feet. She had chosen to wear saltwater sandals to school today and I bent down to buckle them and looked down to see little girl feet. Where did the toddler feet go? The ones I could nibble on or tickle, that fit in the palm of my hand. Now they were bigger, and faster, ready to take her out into the world. She reminds me she is growing every day. “Look how big I am Mommy” she will shout, standing as tall as she can. I tell her to stop, to stay little, to not grow any more. She rolls her eyes and gives me a “Moooooom, you’re so silly” look.

We pulled up outside the school a few minutes early and Ajay and I turned around to take one last look at her before she headed inside. “Let’s get out!” she shouted. I told her we were early and we could sit for a few more minutes. She told us no, that she wanted to get out, that she was ready now. I wanted to say “Oh my sweet bean, I don’t know if I am ready yet” but instead smiled, and we got out of the car, walked inside, she shook Miss Pamela’s hand, and off she went.

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school days

All is quiet in the Rana household tonight. It has now hit 9 and Sofia is in bed, fast asleep, a full hour before her normal bedtime. Mondays and Wednesdays are like this now. Those are the days Sofia has school and has no nap. She has been loving school. I was afraid she would cry and beg me not to leave, which would make me cry and beg her not to go. But that is not the case. She is a little apprehensive when we drop her off but by the time we walk into the classroom she gives a quick kiss goodbye, and is off to feed a fake dinner to the baby dolls. It is cute that she gets a little name tag stuck to her back, it is cute that she comes home with paintings to share, it is cute that she talks about other kids in her class and who pushed who and who cried, and it is cute that she runs to me at the end of the day and shouts “Mommy! I told you you’d come back!”. But you wanna know what is really cute? All the songs she sings when she gets home. Hands down.