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Where to start. Lately Sofia has been more attentive to what is going on around her. As I said before she not only hears songs but she listens to them. She now will ask what I am singing when I start humming at home. We had a great outing to New Seasons where we were both belting out our favorite Jason Mraz song. She sings constantly, humming her own little tunes and singing along as best as she can. She has gotten back into Charlie Brown Christmas and we have been watching it non-stop. The other night I was cleaning up from dinner and she was singing along with the little Peanuts, trying to hit all the high notes. Ridiculously cute.

sofia drawingWe finally had a nice day today. We had a couple of sun breaks this weekend and whenever the rain stopped the kids would rush outside, whipe off the slide, then dart back in again when the rain started again. Today there was no rushing and no darting. Ajay joined us on a walk and we stopped by Rite Aid for some supplies. That place is so full of everything and anything you don’t really need but we managed to make it out with just the essentials… and a box of new sidewalk chalk. Daddy went to work but Sofia and I sat outside and did some drawing on the back patio. Here is some of our artwork. Bonus points if you can spot the elephant.