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dear sleep

Dear sleep, I’m sorry. I’ve underestimated you. In the past I didn’t give you the respect you deserved. I would mock you and tease that I only got 7 hours of sleep and how awful that was. People would ask how I was and I’d respond with not well, I didn’t sleep well, I woke up in the middle of the night and it took me 10 minutes to fall back asleep. They would shake their head, sympathizing at how awful that must be. Poor girl, they’d think. Only 7 hours of sleep. What a trooper she is. How strong she must be. Oh how wrong I was.

Can we make a deal? If I give you the praise you deserve will you come back? I know, I know the twins are teething and sick so I’ll be realistic, but any glimpse of you would be much appreciated. People now ask how I am and I’ll shout “Amazing! I slept three hours last night in a row! I feel like a new woman!” Last night, as Gracie shrieked every time we put her in her crib, I sang along to Twinkle, Twinkle making up my own words about how great sleep was and didn’t she want to try it. She’s not sold, but I am. Go sleep! — you’re biggest fan.

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I work from home on Wednesdays and as I was leaving the house the other day I noticed the little boy from down the street was in front of the house. He was writing Sofia a note in chalk on our driveway. Very sweet, but I am keeping one eye on that kid. Next thing we know he will be outside her window with a boombox.


For the past two weeks Sofia has been falling asleep in her bed by herself. With a few tips from her teacher, and the help of the Annie soundtrack, she will kiss us goodnight and belt out a few show tunes before nodding off to sleep. I am amazed it works but sure enough after about 3 songs she will stop singing and we know she has fallen asleep. On. Her. Own. Do you know I have been waiting four years for this?!? Anyway, so tonight I was putting Sofia to bed and she wanted one more snuggle. I kissed her on the forehead and left the room, her all snug in her bed. Five minutes later her music was cranked up and she was listening to her Annie soundtrack on full blast. I went back in to tell her it was too loud and found her sitting in the top corner of her bed. The rest of the bed covered in animals. I told her to turn it down and she just said “look what I made!”. I looked over and she said “I made Baby Jesus!”. Sure enough, she had swaddled her blanket into a sort of a manger and placed one of her babies ever so carefully on it. “And look! All of the animals have come to say hello!”. That’s when I noticed that she wasn’t covered in animals, they were all strategically placed on her bed, all facing baby Jesus, and all saying hello.


On the way home from school I told Sofia that a valentines card had come in the mail for her. I told her to guess who it was from.
“Uh, nope, starts with Nnno nnno”
…”Oh! Noah!”
…. “uh nope, it is from Nonna.”
“Oh! Yay!”
Oh. Yay.

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terrors in the night

Ever since we have come back from Boston (yes I realize I owe you pictures and stories but I have been a bit exhausted lately. Soon!) Bean has been waking up in the middle of the night screaming. Sometimes it is 3am, sometimes midnight, last night it was only 11. I go into her room and try to figure out if she is really awake. Sometimes she isn’t and she is screaming about magic wands and how she doesn’t have the right one. Other times she is awake and screaming at me to snuggle her, then screaming that I messed up the bed, or am not laying next to her correctly. The shortest “episode” is half and hour, the longest was a little over an hour. They all end up with her collapsing on the floor, me scooping her up, and rocking her back to sleep in the rocking chair.

I know a few other people who are going through the same thing with their toddlers, so maybe it is a lunar thing, or a developmental thing. I think it is because before we went to Boston I said “Let’s get rid of the rocking chair, we aren’t using it anyway”. I think it is the rocking chair’s way of giving me the finger and saying “see, you really do need me after all”.

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kids say (and sing) the darndest things

Last night as I was putting Sofia to sleep I said “Are you my chota?” I sometimes call her that since choti is the hindi word for small. She replied with “Yes! Are you my best friend?”. “Heck ya!” I replied. I know this phase won’t last long so I’ll take it when I can get it. And then she said “and Daddy is my best friend. We are all best friends”. Oh she is too adorable. It almost made up for the fact it took her over an hour to fall asleep. At 11pm.

Here are a couple other great bean moments caught on tape.

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verbal spewing

cimg5987.jpgWe are tired here in the Rana household. Sofia seems to be going through a developmental milestone because her sleeping has gone out the window. To top it off I read the other day that it is common for a child when they reach 15 month to start sleeping through the night. Yea right. Last night was the first time in awhile that she didn’t sleep for a good chunk of time at the beginning of the night. Every 45 minutes after we put her to bed she was crying. Finally at 1 I put her in our bed. She cuddled up right away and fell asleep, only to wake up about an hour later. I finally caved around 2 and gave her a bottle but while that put her to sleep right away she was awake again shortly after. The reason I think it has to do with development is because she babbles and is so tired but will push herself up to sit and chat with us. But it isn’t chatting, it is a spewing of every word she knows. “Ouch, nose, eye, no, yes, bean, nose, hi, bu-bye, g-night”. Sometimes she even does this with her eyes closed. Hopefully this won’t continue for too much longer.

cimg5980.jpgNonna and Nonno are coming today so you know what that means… Nonna’s meat sauce! And Eloise’s birthday is tomorrow with her birthday party on Saturday. You know what that means… Cake! Tasty, tasty.