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it’s not our burden, it’s our blessing

161080747403_0_alb.jpgI took Sofia to the doctor’s yesterday for her 15 month well baby checkup. She has had a rough past month with ear infections, rashes, and now digestional issues that I won’t go into for her sake as well as the fact that it is just kinda gross. Sofia is in the 90th percentile for height and weight and only 75th percentile for head which seems wrong to me since she is a Dziak after all. The doctor assured me that she was still above average, it was just a little small in comparision to the rest of her body. Our doctor was asking about Sofia’s eating and I raved about how she will eat almost anything, the more exotic flavors the better, she tries everything, bla bla bla, but oh it would be nice if she didn’t eat 4 times each night. Right away the doctor said that she should not be eating during the night and it was time for us to teach her that daytime is for eating, nighttime is for sleeping. Sounds good to me, sign me up! How do I phase into that? The doctor laughed and said “Don’t make it an option”. Makes sense. Sofia isn’t the one getting up and making her bottles after all. She said the first couple nights would be rough but it wouldn’t be that way forever. So I got home and told Ajay the plan. We both agreed to give it a try and decided it would start that night.

Her first wake up is usually around 10:30 and she will usually finish off the bottle she started at bedtime. Last night I just gave her a chucho, patted her and she fell back asleep mumbling to herself. I didn’t know what she was saying but looking back on the night it was probably along the lines of “oh you silly woman. I’ll give you this one but just you wait…” I went to bed around 11 and woke up to her screaming at midnight. She was standing in her crib pointing at the shelf that her bottles normally wait on that was now empty. I picked her up and tried to calm her down but she was pissed. I heard Ajay come home and he comes in and she is shouting at him, something about how I was a horrible mother and couldn’t I see she was wasting away. Ajay got her a bottle of just water, hoping to calm her down with that. Finally after about 15 minutes of more screaming she cuddled up with me and fell back asleep. We decided to just cut it back that night so when she woke back up at 3:30 I gave her a bottle and she went back to sleep for the rest of the night. I feel bad that she was so upset but she slept for more than 2 hours at a time which is great so I think we will stick to this plan. Sorry bean. There are times when I think if it were just Ajay or just me we would totally cave to that little sweet one but we do well keeping each other strong. Parenting is hard but I just keep thinking, if Coach Taylor and his wife can do it, so can we.

(the pic above is from this time last year)

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hey george

cimg3315.jpgSofia turned 2 on Sunday. Well not really, but she is already practicing for the day she turns 2. She has become very moody, sometimes whiney, and cries. I know in the grand scheme of things this is probably like most 9 month olds but she has always been a calm, happy baby. So the past few days of whining and crying have been hard to deal with. Oh and she is on strike from sleeping. She has no desire to do it, even when she can’t keep her eyes open. She will lay down and be sound asleep, then pop up and blow a raspberry at us. So lovely.

cimg3316.jpgThe hardest part is we aren’t sure if these are a new pattern of personality and sleep she is going through or if it is a side effect of her malaria medication. We gave her the first dose on Sunday afternoon and some of the side effects listed are irritability and sleeplessness. Malaria medication or teething 9 month old… hmmm, tough call.

The bean has been babbling nonstop and I am so eager to make sense out of what she is saying. Her expressions and inflections make it seem as if she is really having conversations with us, just in her own language. She babbles so much that some of her phrases are becoming more and more common… like “hey ____”. Most of the time it is “hey ya” or “hey da”. Today I was so exhausted and Sofia didn’t want to nap so I put her in her crib and laid in the bed next to it. All of a sudden I heard “hey george… george” and I looked out from under the blanket and she said again “george! hey george!”. Perhaps another side effect?

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to sleep, perchance to dream

I. Am. Tired. That’s right, tired with a capital T. It seems that bean is smack in the middle of her 9 month sleep regression and from what I have read this one is one of the worst. It seems the little ones at this age are going through so many things developmentally (crawling, standing, walking) and physically (teething, growing) that it is hard for their little bodies to wind down at night, or to stay wound down.

Sofia is a perfect example of this. Right now she has no problem falling asleep, she just can’t stay asleep. Almost every hour she will let out a cry and find herself sitting up or pulling herself up. One of us has to go in then and lay her back down so she can fall back asleep. Poor thing. She is also waking up around 2-3am and staying awake for about an hour. The other night I woke up to her babbling away in her crib, holding her book in her lap as if she was reading to herself. Who knows what kind of parties her and her stuffed animals have when we are sleeping. Maybe one day Sir Leapsalot will fill me in on all the fun details.