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bad mommy day

Yesterday was a rough day, and it carried on into the evening. One of those days where you feel like your legs are moving really fast but you are moving in dry sand so you really aren’t going anywhere, not getting much return for your effort. I won’t lie, it wasn’t a very good “mommy” day for me. A good mommy day is one where there are Sofia eats three solid meals, I dance around tantrums with very little notice and a whole lot of grace, and by 8pm the bean is asleep in her own bed and I am on the couch, house cleaned, wine in hand. A bad mommy day for me looks very different. It is one with tantrums, food fights, piles of laundry, and tears being shed. The bean’s presence is optional. Yesterday was one such day. By the time we sat down for dinner last night there had been yelling, and in a state of despair I shouted at Sofia that she could either sit down or go to her room until she was 4. She calmly turned to me and said “Mommy, why are you mad?” I said “I am not mad, I am just really frustrated.” I then proceeded to list off all the ways that I was frustrated and she sat quietly, listening to what I had to say. I said “you know what would make me happy? If you listened when I asked you to do something, if you picked up your toys when I asked, and if you didn’t drown your pot stickers in bubble water and laugh while it pours out onto the floor.” She sat for a minute, nodding her head, and then exclaimed “Oh! I know!!!” her eyes getting bigger and bigger “You know what else would make you happy?” I let out a loud sigh, prepared for her to say something along the lines of Popsicles or Barney. “Oh yea, what would make me happy?” She smiled. “A great big hug from me. That would make you happy.” I leaned forward and let her wrap her little arms around my neck and as she squeezed with all her might I felt the stress of the day melt away and realized she was right. It did make me happy.

Maybe it was a good mommy day after all.

General terrible twos updates

Quoth the chucho, “Nevermore.”

photoSofia has had a chucho since the day she was born. Earlier this year we had weaned her down to just using it during naps, bedtimes, or when we knew she was really exhausted and just needed to calm down. We have gone through so many chuchos this year and when we got down to one I just thought “when this one gets lost we will be done with chuchos”. That was two months ago. I can’t even keep track of my shoes so I was shocked when we managed to hang on to that one little chucho for weeks.

The other night Sofia had woken up in the middle of the night so I brought her back to our bed. She fell asleep immediately but I was kept up with the blissful wheezing of a chucho with a whole in it. I finally fell asleep only to be woken up moments later by Sofia looking for the lost chucho. Exhausted, the next morning I decided that was it. Friday night we were going cold turkey. No more chuchos. I thought this would give us a buffer for two screaming nights and hopefully she would be getting some sleep by Sunday night.

Bean never ceases to amaze me. The first night she cried for a couple minutes, then asked “the Great Pumpkin took my chucho?” and I said “uh, sure, yea”, and she rolled over and went to sleep. She woke up in the middle of the night really upset but a small snack and a quick snuggle with Daddy and she was all good. Since then she will ask once before bed for chucho but that is it. I was prepared for a fight and she is taking it like a pro. It makes me a tad sad as it is the end of her being a baby. I think about how she is turning three in a few weeks and my little bean is growing up. And then she throws the mother or all tantrums and I think maybe, just maybe, she has a little toddler left in her.

General terrible twos

you just don’t understand

Last night was one of those nights where we kept wishing we had a video camera set on record. Sofia was on fire. When she is tired she gets really wound up and hyper and spews hilarious phrases from her mouth. Things like “oh no mommy, Thank you!” and “let’s get cozy!” She will be this way up until the lights go out and honestly I don’t know when it stops because usually I am fast asleep while she is still yapping away. Yesterday was a long day. She was up early, well early for her, and ran out to the family room shouting “it is a bright and sunny day!!”. We spent most of the day outside in the yard and by 5:30 dinner had long been finished and we were collapsed on the couch, remote in hand. Sofia was snuggly and kept asking for her “chucho” which now lives only in her bedroom so I kept saying no. Then around 8 a switch turned on and hyper bean came out. She was running around, back and for between us and the floor where she would “get cozy” with her kitty and baboon pillow. Then “brriiiiiiing! Time to gee-up!” and she would hop back up and off she would go.

At some point something set her off. It was either something we said or did, I can’t remember, and she was hysterical. Face in hands, Oh man and what do I do, big sobs, hysterical. We tried to console her but that just made things worse. She ran into the hall closet and shut the door. Flash forward to 11 years from now when she is a teenager and running to her room in tears, slamming the door shouting “leave me alone!”. We kept trying to get her to come out but she was mumbling something through her tears and we couldn’t do anything but sit and wait. Eventually she came out and got over it. I really can’t remember what set her off. I think it was a book we weren’t reading fast enough or something. Whatever it was, it was so important to her and so frustrating to her that we couldn’t see that, and didn’t take her seriously enough. Oh the teen years are going to be a blast.

General humor terrible twos

the smallest comedian

Sofia is funny. I am not sure if she is trying to be. Sometimes it is really obvious she knows she is being hysterical and will let out a full bellied “Ha!” to let you know you should be laughing. Other times we have to stifle our laughter because she isn’t trying to be funny and we don’t want her thinking we are making fun of her, or having a laugh at her expense. More and more I have had to run out of the room because I might laugh to hard. Or pee my pants. Either way, not good.

Our latest comedy has come from an unlikely source. Her tantrums. She is so distraught if she doesn’t get her way that she will almost immediately start crying. First comes the tears, then goes the throwing on the floor, then comes the head in the hands. And then a muffled “Oh, man!”. You can feel her heartbreak and her despair, but at the same it is hilarious because that is exactly what Swiper the fox says when his tries to get what he wants is foiled. Last night I was cooking dinner and Bean was begging for some M&Ms, the last of her candy from the Easter Bunny. I kept telling her no and she kept saying yes, and no and yes and no and yes and as I said before NO! and omigosh woman give me some M&Ms! Finally the tears came. And she flung herself on the floor. And her head fell in her hands. And just when I thought I knew what was coming she lets out a “I don’t know what to do!”. I wasn’t sure if I heard her right and she read my mind and said it again, just louder. “I JUST DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO”. Me either sweet bean. Me either.

General home terrible twos

hang on, hang on!

That is just one of the new phrases that has been coming out of Sofia’s mouth lately. Another one is “oh! guess what?!”. She also has been shouting “I’m gonna tickle you!” as she chases you down the hallway, through the kitchen, or into the closet as you are trying to do something productive like pick up toys or get dressed. She keeps me in a constant giggles, even as she is tries to top her best tantrum ever. Seriously, there have been some really good ones lately. She threw one yesterday because Ajay looked at her oatmeal. We have been practicing taking deep breaths and trying to “calm down”. She will even chant that. “Calm Down”.
Today was a beautiful day in the Rose city. It was supposed to be rainy but the sun came out and by the time we got home from Indian Brunch and Home Depot it was perfect weather for gardening, spraying for spiders, and trying to figure out why the water isn’t coming out of the gutters but down the side of the house instead. Oh the joys of home owning.Ajay is embracing the yard and got down to business weeding and cleaning things up. Sofia got dressed up to go outside and tried to help Ajay out a bit. What do you do when a weed is too close to a plant? Why take them both out of course! I am just happy he wants to do it. I would much rather listen to screaming bean inside.