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and we’re back!

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and we’re back!

Has it really been 4 years since our last update? 4 years. In a blink they have passed. Days went by planning posts announcing additions to the family, months passed waiting, finally wishes came true but didn’t want to jinx anything. Then exhaustion and survival. Which seems silly to say as we have a warm roof over our head, loved ones to support us and food in our belly. Survival isn’t really that hard is it? The days have been long but the past 10 months have been oh so short. The past 4 years passed in a moment and then these two arrived. And the adventure began.

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september highlights

How is it that the entire month of September went by without one post. Man, did it fly by but still, not one post? Here are some highlights. I promise to be better this month.

Circus with the crazy train
I took Bean and the Fleschner kids to the circus. Not sure I would do it again, but the kids LOVED it. Seriously loved it. Man on the tightrope only 5 feet above the ground? Love it. Acrobatic cats? Loved it. Dogs running under a bar? Loved it. Okay so maybe I would do it again.

Swimming lessons started back up
Bean is had moved up in her lessons, no more floating on her back and blowing bubbles. Now she is learning how to do the backstroke and the crawl. Best way to end your day? Watch the Bean do the crawl down half the length of the pool. Way cute.

Hindi classes started again
We haven’t really found our groove with this one but hopefully once we do I can see she will pick it up quickly. We found a new teacher and love her. Sofia is already practicing writing Hindi letters, learning songs, and common verbs. She loves going and even asked me to leave this past week when I sat down at the table with her and her teacher. I was sad for a split second but I know she will feel a bit more comfortable if I am not there.

Ice cream dinners
We had a week where it was over 90 all week. Not feeling like cooking, we stopped on the way home from school most days at one of the self-serve frozen yogurt places. We have narrowed it down to a couple favorites that we will probably still hit every once in awhile. Sofia’s usual toppings were marshmallows, pink mochi candy and sprinkles. Yum.

Birthday weekend in Cannon Beach
Best part of the month by far. Got to spend my birthday eve on the Washington Coast with Ajay and the bean and then we met the Holdens and Fleschners in Cannon Beach for my birthday night. Gina brought this amazing spread of apps and dinner, and Paul made his famous arancini. We had been trying to all sit down for a meal together for a couple of years now, but the 6 of us adults were never in the same room really, so this was a nice treat. Bebe and Grandpa came in the morning and even though the weather wasn’t sunny, it was perfect to me.

Playing 20 questions 20 bazillion times
Not sure I need to say much more about that. Just ask Bean if she wants to play 20 questions. I dare you.

General updates

at this moment

At this moment, Sofia is 3
Going on thirteen.

She loves to dress up
Anything princess, the bigger the skirt, the better.

She loves to put her animals to bed
As I type I am surrounded by tiny animals laying on tiny pillows on the floor covered with tiny blankets. Kinda cute, kinda creepy.

She has a temper
I had the nerve to actually… make her puppy dance instead of clap. Boy did I learn my lesson.

She just discovered the Wiggles
Please help me. Seriously. Help me.

She loves her cousins
Last night I felt like she was a bit lonely so I told her I was sorry she didn’t have a brother or sister. She said “but I do mommy!” and I said oh yea? and she replied “Sebastian and Eloise are my brother and sister!” Ah so cute.

At this moment, my sweet bean is 3
And I couldn’t love her more.

General updates

evening walks

The past few nights Sofia and I have been dropping the car off at the train and walking home. Ajay doesn’t have to walk home then at 1am, and It gets me some exercise and also gives us about a half hour to talk. It’s about a mile and a half walk so it also helps Sofia wind down before bed. The first day we walked by a park and she played for a bit before we continued home. Last night she took her scooter and rode that most of the way home. We talk about various things like how it is fall time so the leaves are on the ground, what does it mean to be “so fly like a cheese stick”, and what we did during the day. I try to keep quiet and let Sofia lead the conversation, mainly because the things she comes up with crack me up.

We had just turned the corner to our neighborhood last night when Sofia mentioned that a boy named Jake at her school had a sister. And that sister was doing something funny. And then Jake was sad because everyone kept telling him he was a bad big brother. He was really upset. I asked Sofia what she did, how that made her feel. She said it made her sad at him (her way of saying that made her sad for him). She said he turned his face to the fence and looked right at her. She kept talking about how upset he was and I could tell it really bothered her. She is a sensitive bean and with all the bullying reports in the news lately it made me happy to see that she could tell when someone was getting upset, that she knew it was because of the other kids teasing him, and that she felt sad for him. She knew what they were doing was wrong.

We talked about what she could do next time. Give him a hug. Go up to him and say “but you are a good brother Jake” and ask him if he wants to play together. Tell the other kids that they shouldn’t tease. She said she would try that and was still talking about Jake being upset when she went to sleep. It is nights like this where I sit and stare at her after she has fallen asleep and think what an amazing little person she is becoming. As much of pain as it is to leave the car, I mean really I would much rather be snuggled on the couch watching TV, it is nice to get out in the fresh air, to get these small moments with Bean, that probably seem so insignificant to her, but mean so much to me.

General school updates

a new chapter begins

first day of school This morning Sofia started school. Real school. Full day school. Eat lunch and take a nap at school, school. Although technically today she is only there for a half day, meeting the new kids in her class and shaking hands with her teacher who is there to greet her at the door. She has been counting down the days until this day. “Is today Miss Pamela day?” she asks every morning. Finally today I could say “yes miss bean, today is “Miss Pamela day”.

While she was getting dressed she kept talking about what the day would be like, negotiating a marshmallow for the ride to school, asking a million other questions but all I could focus on were her feet. She had chosen to wear saltwater sandals to school today and I bent down to buckle them and looked down to see little girl feet. Where did the toddler feet go? The ones I could nibble on or tickle, that fit in the palm of my hand. Now they were bigger, and faster, ready to take her out into the world. She reminds me she is growing every day. “Look how big I am Mommy” she will shout, standing as tall as she can. I tell her to stop, to stay little, to not grow any more. She rolls her eyes and gives me a “Moooooom, you’re so silly” look.

We pulled up outside the school a few minutes early and Ajay and I turned around to take one last look at her before she headed inside. “Let’s get out!” she shouted. I told her we were early and we could sit for a few more minutes. She told us no, that she wanted to get out, that she was ready now. I wanted to say “Oh my sweet bean, I don’t know if I am ready yet” but instead smiled, and we got out of the car, walked inside, she shook Miss Pamela’s hand, and off she went.