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september highlights

How is it that the entire month of September went by without one post. Man, did it fly by but still, not one post? Here are some highlights. I promise to be better this month.

Circus with the crazy train
I took Bean and the Fleschner kids to the circus. Not sure I would do it again, but the kids LOVED it. Seriously loved it. Man on the tightrope only 5 feet above the ground? Love it. Acrobatic cats? Loved it. Dogs running under a bar? Loved it. Okay so maybe I would do it again.

Swimming lessons started back up
Bean is had moved up in her lessons, no more floating on her back and blowing bubbles. Now she is learning how to do the backstroke and the crawl. Best way to end your day? Watch the Bean do the crawl down half the length of the pool. Way cute.

Hindi classes started again
We haven’t really found our groove with this one but hopefully once we do I can see she will pick it up quickly. We found a new teacher and love her. Sofia is already practicing writing Hindi letters, learning songs, and common verbs. She loves going and even asked me to leave this past week when I sat down at the table with her and her teacher. I was sad for a split second but I know she will feel a bit more comfortable if I am not there.

Ice cream dinners
We had a week where it was over 90 all week. Not feeling like cooking, we stopped on the way home from school most days at one of the self-serve frozen yogurt places. We have narrowed it down to a couple favorites that we will probably still hit every once in awhile. Sofia’s usual toppings were marshmallows, pink mochi candy and sprinkles. Yum.

Birthday weekend in Cannon Beach
Best part of the month by far. Got to spend my birthday eve on the Washington Coast with Ajay and the bean and then we met the Holdens and Fleschners in Cannon Beach for my birthday night. Gina brought this amazing spread of apps and dinner, and Paul made his famous arancini. We had been trying to all sit down for a meal together for a couple of years now, but the 6 of us adults were never in the same room really, so this was a nice treat. Bebe and Grandpa came in the morning and even though the weather wasn’t sunny, it was perfect to me.

Playing 20 questions 20 bazillion times
Not sure I need to say much more about that. Just ask Bean if she wants to play 20 questions. I dare you.

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I need a fix

I’m going through withdrawals. Not for food, not for sugar (the brownies I made last night took care of that), not for any indulgent substance or drink, but for family. Weird right? Well I don’t think it is weird. I think that it is weird people might think it is weird. Is that weird?

We got back late Monday night from one of the best family vacations ever. Yes ever. We were all in Vegas celebrating my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary. There were over 30 of us there, and spend a fun weekend filled with food, strawberry margaritas by the pool, loads of heat and sunshine, and great laughter and memories. I’ve said it before how funny it is to me that some people think family vacations are less than ideal. “Oh, you have to spend 4 solid days with 30 of your family members? How will you survive?” My question is why isn’t it longer.

Saturday night everyone gathered for a big anniversary dinner. We watched movies, made toasts and heard stories of how Nonna and Nonno met, fell in love, and started their journey together. Nothing was figured out, they just knew they had to be together and so they were. I looked around the table and was so amazed at the family that they have produced. Not only in number but in personality, in humanity, and in character. Everyone truly wanted to be there. That alone has to say something about you, that all your family members want to travel from all over just to celebrate you? I can only imagine what Nonna and Nonno were feeling. To look around and know that all these people were there because of them, literally, and are who they are because of them. I look at Sofia sometimes and a wave of deep contentment comes over me, knowing that I brought that crazy being into the world, and am helping her turn into the Bean that she is today. To look around a table and see over 30 people? Well that must be a tsunami. I can only hope that one day I can know how that feels.

I did not give a toast that night, partially because I wasn’t sure what words I could use to express my sentiments, but also because I was afraid the tears would flow. Happy tears, as Sofia would say, but tears nonetheless. I am so happy Nonna and Nonno met, and decided to take this journey together. It has been a great one so far and I feel so blessed to be a part of it. Cheers and thank you for a wonderful weekend.

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our father, who art with kevin

A couple weekends ago Sofia took a helium filled balloon outside and promptly cut the string. Up, up and away it went. Down, down, down came the tears. Grandpa tried to console her and said that it was heading up to Heaven. She seemed okay with that, and after a bit forgot all about that balloon.

Cut to this past weekend on the coast. Ajay was out packing the car and Sofia and I came out just in time to see the balloon she had gotten at the local Pig n Pancake float out of the car and up into the sky. I braced myself for screams, pouts… tears at least. I slowly turned to Sofia and she just shrugged her shoulders. “That’s okay, it is going to see Kevin”. Um, what? “Ya, just like my other balloon with Grandpa. It floated up to Kevin.” Yea… Kevin.

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time keeps on tickin’ tickin’

We are heading out in a bit to attend Noah Holden’s first birthday party. Well one of them. But come on, first birthday! Craziness. I can’t believe it has been a year since we were all sitting around staring at Jacqueline’s belly, analyzing every move she made wondering if that day was going to be the day she was going into labor. And now it has been a year, and pretty soon we will be celebrating little Georgia Lee’s birthday as well. Where is all the time going?

cimg8712 cimg8713 cimg8717

Oh I know, it is going to weekends in Spokane and Ajay’s birthday. Sofia and I spent the 4th up in Spokane. Bebe and Grandpa ordered in the good weather and the good food. We had a great 48 hours swimming and eating and relaxing. A few days later we were celebrating Ajay’s birthday with Malaysian food and tasty cake. It was a mellow day but nice that we were all home together.

cimg8759 cimg8762 cimg8767

Saturday we head to Sunriver for a week with the family. I can’t wait to see the clan from London, I can’t wait to spend a week with cousins, grandparents, Aunties and Uncles, but mainly I can’t wait to have 5 days of time away with Ajay and the bean. I don’t mind the time tickin’ away when it is tickin’ to the good stuff.

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guest blogger

We are trying something new here. Joint blogging. I write, Sofia contributes. Ready? Here we go.

me: Say a word
bean: can you say quiet?
me: no really, say something
bean: no
me: say anything
bean: say anyting
me: come on. what’s your favorite thing ever?
bean: winnie da pooh
me: come on, be serious… say anything
bean: I pooped.

Well that didn’t happen like I had hoped. Maybe next time. Probably would have helped if I would have turned off Gabba Gabba. Maybe she is still on vacation mode. We spent the past weekend at Auntie Lysee’s family’s house in Klamath Falls, OR. The house is amazing and it was very restful, full of good food, good wine, good ouzo and great poker. I had fun too.