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General weekly update

a very belated update

I can’t believe it has been over a week since our last post. Sorry for no updates but things have been very busy around here. Work has finally picked up and now instead of being bored at work and no freelance gigs, I am swamped at work and have three freelance gigs. On top of that we are searching for a house as we have to be out of our place in a month and a half. We have it narrowed down to a couple, just have to make the tough decision. More room and new versus older but closer in to the city. Decisions, decisions. We have had glorious weather lately so all I have really wanted to do is climb into a kiddie pool with Sofia and eat ice cream.


On the bean front there are many updates as well. Sofia has had her first official post-mundan haircut. Well three actually. Don’t ask and definitely don’t ask Ajay about the $21 one. Seriously, for a children’s haircut, that was mostly an afterthought during Ajay’s own haircut, that cost $9. Seriously.


Sofia has become much more talkative and repeats everything. I mean everything. The other day she dropped something and I swear she said “Oh F*&#”. Twice. I don’t know where she would have picked that one up. She will ask you a question and answer herself saying “Yea? Okay, okay!”. She just looked at me and said “Cookie? Yea, okay!”. Her temper is developing nicely as well. If you give her something and she doesn’t want it she will throw it. Or if you tell her no she will pick something up and throw it. Or if you look at her the wrong way she will pick up something and throw it. Last night she smacked me in the face with one of her toys, and oh yes, it was quite on purpose. Her Hindi is picking up as well and before going outside she will ask for her juta (shoes). Pretty darn cute.

Other than that nothing much else is going on. We are almost done house hunting, hopefully finalizing that in the next couple weeks. Project Baby Holden is almost done and could be any day now. Jacqueline’s first due date is today, the other one is next week so anytime now we are expecting the call. How exciting!!

No plans for the 4th except to wish Sofia’s Dada in India a very happy birthday. Then Ajay’s birthday is in a week. In lieu of presents please send yourselves.


General weekly update

weekly update

I am not quite sure where to start. It has been a busy few weeks and I have been slacking on my Saturday updates. The past few weeks have been filled with fun and excitement, baby showers and birthdays. We got news that when our lease is up in August, our lease is up and we need to move. It is bittersweet, we need more room but this has been our home for over four years now. I can’t imagine having a better view anywhere. You love being outside though and it would be nice to have a small backyard, or at least a deck that wasn’t 4 stories above the ground. Now that the weather is warm it is hard to keep you indoors. You wake up in the morning running for the door yelling “Outside!” and at night you try to climb over the baby gate onto the patio so you can see the “Mooon!!!”. You keep pushing things like side tables and step stools up to the gate, hoping to get a leg up and over. Yesterday we took a long walk and ended up at a park. You were so excited when you saw the grass. “Paaak!!!” you shouted and tried to break out of the stroller. I think you went down the slide 20 times at least.


We need to keep an eye on you now. You have been climbing everywhere. Today I walked in the room and you were standing on the dining room table. You can climb up on the bar stools and start playing on the computer. It is funny how your mind works. Last week we made a few videos to send to Auntie Baba and you loved watching them again and again. Now when I am on the computer you start crying “Baba, baba!!” and want to make another video. I can’t take a picture without you rushing over “lesss see!”. Your personality is coming out more and more and I know I say that every time but it is so true. You get frustrated when you can’t do something yourself, especially eating, and are very particular about how things are done. Tonight I was dyeing my hair and I went to rinse it out in the bathtub where you take your baths. You started freaking out when the dye was running out with the water and I sat up and said “It’s okay, mommy’s okay!”. Silly Mommy. You came back over to me with a sponge in her hand. I thought you were worried about me but you were mad I was getting your tub all dirty.


You are still reading a ton and will sit and read with Daddy, or even by yourself sometimes. Today we bought a new Little Einsteins book at Target and for the rest of the shopping trip and all the way home you studied that book. You only looked up once when Angels and Airwaves came on the stereo. You just started bopping your head to the beat and went back to reading. We had the windows rolled down and turned the volume up and I thought “Now this is summer”. Bean bopping in the back, people out on the streets, bbq smells pouring in the window. Finally!


General weekly update

weekly update

Are you as exhausted from this week as I am? It seemed like we were busier than ever. I know you are feeling a bit neglected. You are doing your usual freak out everytime I head towards the computer, but you are also acting out in different ways. You will give us a warning, usually a wine or shout, and if we don’t respond right away you let us have it. Tonight you looked right at me while you flicked the magnetic calendar off the fridge. Yesterday you looked right at me and swung open the cupboard door. No reaction Mom? So you move on and start pulling my cookbooks off the shelves one by one. Then you look back at me and raise your eyebrows. Check, your move.


You are over your phobia of bubbles. In fact you downright love them now. You squeal as they appear and start shouting “Hi bubbas, hi bubbas!”. Then you laugh hysterically like they just said the funniest thing you ever heard. Oh bubbas.

It has been hot here finally. I have been taking you for long walks and to reward your good behavior I brought you to Jameson park to play in the fountain. The rest of the city was there. I don’t think I have ever seen it so crowded. You didn’t seem to mind and ran right in the water. Who cares if you weren’t in a swimsuit.


You have been very loud lately. At Target you were shouting for Daddy. “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, DADDDYYYYYY!” over and over again. Then it was “Ella, ella ella ella EEEELLLAAAA!”. You were very sweet and only did it when I was doing something embarrassing like reaching for the tampons, or Gas-X. Thanks Bean. I can’t wait return the favor, like oh say when you are 13 and at the mall with your friends, or at the movies on your first date. “Beaaaan, Bean, Beeeeaaan!”. Ha, I can’t wait!

Daddy came with us to swimming lessons today and boy did you guys have a blast. Today you learned how to go head first underwater and practiced kicking. You seem so at ease in the water. When we had our first ultrasound with you the tech said that you were swimming around like a little fish. She was right. You do swim around like a fish, just like daddy.


General weekly update

weekly update

This has been a busy week for us bean. You are picking up more and more habits that are turning you into a little girl. You love to watch what we do and want to try it out. Whether it is wearing our shoes, carrying around my purses, or brushing your teeth, you are always one step right behind us. You love to brush your teeth and beg us to let you do it. Luckily you are pretty good at it and have only tried to brush the inside of the toilet once.


Your imagination is going wild now and you can entertain yourself for hours. You are rediscovering toys that you had forgotten about as well as finding entertainment in the most random things. You love the box my fun coffee maker came in and will sit in it, reading a book, eating an apple or just playing with my shoe.  I can sit and watch you for hours and it is fascinating to think about what is going on in that little head of yours.


We are trying something new this week and have introduced the “Naughty Chair”. It is just a spot on the floor where we put you when you misbehave. You haven’t really caught on to the point of it, for when we ask you as a warning if you want to go to the Naughty Chair you say yes and get excited. You go and sit in the spot and smile at us, say “Hi!” and try to make us smile. Most of the time it works and we laugh and you know you have won.


We started your parent/child swim lessons this week. I wasn’t sure how you would handle them but the minute we entered the pool area you were all about jumping in the water. You did great and loved every minute of it, even when the instructor dunked you in the water. It wore us both out but I think we are both looking forward to next week. Daddy will come along and one of us will be able to take some pictures. Your favorite time I think during the whole thing was when we sang Old McDonald Had a Farm and you got to Moo while swimming. You moo at the milk carton and the other day you moo’d at me while I ate my ice cream. I was totally offended and thought you were trying to help me stick to my diet but then I realized it was because there were cows on the cup. At least that is what I tell myself.


General weekly update

weekly update

This has been a crazy few weeks for us Bean. First we fly you across the country, make you stay with people you don’t know, meet a bunch more people you don’t know, stick you in front of a few big dogs, fly you back across the country, then have two total strangers watch you while mommy and daddy have an actual night out together. I knew I was taking the easy way out by leaving you at GiGi’s with the sitters when you were asleep. Looking back I should have woken you up and explained what was going to happen. Instead I snuck out, having total faith in your two new sitters, while you woke up shortly after wondering what in bloody hell you were doing there and who the … were they!! This whole week you have been shrieking and even if I am in the same place as you, if you can’t find me right away you freak out. Totally my fault and hopefully we will get past this and on to another way to scar you for life.


We watch each other in the rear view mirror while I drive and dance to our favorite songs. Yesterday was the first day when I did a dance and looked back expecting you to be smiling but instead you were looking at me like I was a dork and you couldn’t believe you were related to me. You sighed and then looked out the window. Yup, it is already starting.


You are growing in leaps and bounds and your hair is now long enough to put in a ponytail on top of your head. Pants that we had set aside because they were too long are now short on you. It was totally overnight. If I look away from you for awhile and then look back I half expect our little tiny baby bean to be sitting there but you are far from that, more like our bright little toddler bean. Still there are faces you make that remind me of our first few days together, especially when you crinkle your face and you get the under eye crease-dimples that Daddy has.



You copy everything we do and now everything we say. You like to throw food from your highchair and mimic me by saying “Dude!”. Your eating has gotten better and you devour everything, especially sloppy joes and the indian daal and vegetable rice that I made this week. Vegetables are your favorite food right now and Daddy is afraid you might turn into a vegetarian, not that it would be so bad. You will try anything at least once, as long as you can do it yourself. Although that could all change by next week.