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always one number off

cimg5646.jpgSofia says “diaper” with a southern accent. Maybe it makes it seem a bit more sophisticated to her, or maybe it is all the Paula Dean we watch.

Her pink eye is pretty much cleared up and we are heading to Spokane this weekend. Some of my high school friends are getting together to celebrate the birth of one baby and the upcoming arrival of another. And to spent some quality time with Bebe and Grandpa. And to probably eat some good food. cimg5640.jpgSofia’s eating has really taken of and she will now try just about anything. Last night it was turkey chili, the night before a spicy mexican soup, and when Sebastian and Eloise we over it was kettle corn. We’ll see what she tried this weekend.

cimg5655.jpgSofia is also learning the ABC’s and can sing them, although she makes up her own letters. Now during Wheel of Fortune she will shout out letters along with the other players.  When someone wins a trip and they flash a Wheel Watchers number on the screen to give another person a chance to win the trip, Sofia always rushes towards the television and stares intently at the numbers. The she will turn around and sigh. Maybe next episode little bean.