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evening walks

The past few nights Sofia and I have been dropping the car off at the train and walking home. Ajay doesn’t have to walk home then at 1am, and It gets me some exercise and also gives us about a half hour to talk. It’s about a mile and a half walk so it also helps Sofia wind down before bed. The first day we walked by a park and she played for a bit before we continued home. Last night she took her scooter and rode that most of the way home. We talk about various things like how it is fall time so the leaves are on the ground, what does it mean to be “so fly like a cheese stick”, and what we did during the day. I try to keep quiet and let Sofia lead the conversation, mainly because the things she comes up with crack me up.

We had just turned the corner to our neighborhood last night when Sofia mentioned that a boy named Jake at her school had a sister. And that sister was doing something funny. And then Jake was sad because everyone kept telling him he was a bad big brother. He was really upset. I asked Sofia what she did, how that made her feel. She said it made her sad at him (her way of saying that made her sad for him). She said he turned his face to the fence and looked right at her. She kept talking about how upset he was and I could tell it really bothered her. She is a sensitive bean and with all the bullying reports in the news lately it made me happy to see that she could tell when someone was getting upset, that she knew it was because of the other kids teasing him, and that she felt sad for him. She knew what they were doing was wrong.

We talked about what she could do next time. Give him a hug. Go up to him and say “but you are a good brother Jake” and ask him if he wants to play together. Tell the other kids that they shouldn’t tease. She said she would try that and was still talking about Jake being upset when she went to sleep. It is nights like this where I sit and stare at her after she has fallen asleep and think what an amazing little person she is becoming. As much of pain as it is to leave the car, I mean really I would much rather be snuggled on the couch watching TV, it is nice to get out in the fresh air, to get these small moments with Bean, that probably seem so insignificant to her, but mean so much to me.

For our friends and family near and far, you are always close in our hearts and we wanted to share this new and exciting journey with you! Say hi!

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