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feeling like a stuffed paratha

Just wanted to take a moment to check in. It is noon on the 31st here so Happy Halloween to all of you in the states. We are doing fine here, overfed and underslept. Sofia has acclimated just fine and is adjusting better than any of us, except with her sleep. We are all still jetlagged, Sofia probably the worst though. She woke up yesterday at 3:30am, took a 4 hour nap with me in the afternoon, then slept on and off the rest of the night, only to wake at 5:30am this morning. At least she is getting closer to her normal 9am wake up. She is sleeping right now and Ajay is off with his mom so I am taking a moment to do some work and write a quick post. Our past couple days have been very hectic with meeting friends before they head back home from the holiday. I keep thinking I can’t possibly eat any more and then someone asks “another gobi paratha?” and I say “sure, why not?”. I mean really, why not?

Our bags have arrived at the airport which is a good thing. We can finally wear something besides what we wore on the plane… actually we went shopping the first day and it was a good excuse to get some new clothes. It was a bit of an experience to go to the mall as with all the goings on around here they have stepped up security. Nothing like having the underside of your car checked with a mirror before entering the parking garage of the mall.

Other than that there is nothing else new to report.  Just eating, visiting, and trying to sleep when we can. Isn’t that what a vacation is all about after all?

For our friends and family near and far, you are always close in our hearts and we wanted to share this new and exciting journey with you! Say hi!

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  1. Thanks for the posts it helps us feel like we are there with you. Arrived Napa yesterday to first rain they have seen in a month. Rain to continue for duration of our visit. Had a great dinner last night and are looking forward to our mud baths Saturday. Love to all and mom says hi too.
    Take care and Happy Halloween!
    Mom and Dad