birthdays twins

Francesca Lee

Oh my sweet Frankie Bear. You were the second one out and much less vocal than your 2 minutes older sister Gracie. My how that’s changed. You have found your voice and you are never hesitant to scream in anger if you aren’t getting what you want, day or middle of the night. You have hit the ground running, literally. You seem to be following in the Bean’s footsteps and crawled when she crawled and walked when she walked. You have always been steady on your feet and are so fast, running everywhere, anticipating our every move and keeping us on our toes. You eat by the fistful but in a deliberate and calculating way. Sometimes if you really like what you are eating you’ll make little happy noises while you chew. You love yogurt, bananas, pb&js and cheese. Cheerios you’ll eat off the floor.

You love your Daddy and will run over to the gate the minute he comes home. You don’t mind me too much either :) If I sit on the floor you’ll come over and sit in my lap for a brief moment or give me a hug, then continue on your way to playing. If Gracie starts fussing and crying you’ll run over to my lap and sit in it then stare at her. We’re in for it with you two. But you sure do love your sisters. You love your Bean and your Gracie. The other day in kids club Gracie was finally moved into the larger walkers area with you. She just sat there and cried, but you walked over to her, put your hand on her back and smiled in her face as if to say “Hey Gracie, it’s me Frankie! I’m here too!” Such a sweetheart.

You love to dance. You do the same little leg bend Sofia did when she was your age. When Sofia is dancing around the living room you’ll stand behind her and stare at here until you get the beat down then away you go, squat and stand, squat and stand, then clap clap clap. Repeat.

What a joy you are to wake up to every morning. I look forward to your twin babble with Gracie as you both wait for one of us to come in and get you. I sure do wonder what you guys are talking about. Happy almost birthday my Frankie Bear.

For our friends and family near and far, you are always close in our hearts and we wanted to share this new and exciting journey with you! Say hi!

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