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haircut I have pictures up in my cube from Mother’s day 2008. I am so behind. Sofia has a baby book documenting her first year. She turned three in January. The only thing I can stay on top of is talking about how behind I am. At work? All deadlines are met, meetings scheduled and milestones completed. At home? Laundry goes unfolded, dust settles, and weeds grow. Why do we do this? Why do I do this? We have been talking about Sofia getting her hair cut since before we went to India. Finally Ajay took her on Monday. Evidently she stayed like this the whole time. I missed it because I kept putting it off. Time to reevaluate the priorities I think.

For our friends and family near and far, you are always close in our hearts and we wanted to share this new and exciting journey with you! Say hi!

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