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cimg0143.jpgHappy birthday my sweet bean. Today you turn one year old. I can’t believe you are already turning one, although some days I can’t believe you are still so little. You have the personality of someone much older and are wise beyond your years. When your daddy and I met you a year ago it wasn’t like we were meeting for the first time, it was if the person we had been waiting for all these years had finally come home.

cimg0777.jpgIt is hard not to laugh when people are around you. You are quite the charmer and have a way with the older boys. Daddy is going to have to watch out for that one. You have a laugh just like daddy and the same eye dimples too. You don’t like to watch television except for Wheel of Fortune. cimg1376.jpgNormally you will glance up at the television just to see what dumb show we are watching now, and then you are back to your toys. Everything is different when the wheel spins. You become silent, climb into my lap and clap eagerly along with the studio audience. You are a wheel watcher. You love to read, your favorites at the moment are The Day You Were Born, ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, and Baby Einstein Mirror Me!. You carry them around the apartment looking for someone to read them to you and if we skip a page, watch out.
cimg2613.jpgYou are happy most of the time, but when you get mad, oh do you get mad. I have no idea where you get that from but Daddy likes to say it is from me. Don’t listen to him, he can be silly some times. You adore your cousins and aunties and were such a trooper on our trip to India. You charmed your way through many flights and many countries. You are smart beyond your year and constantly amaze us which how much you pick up. You are always talking, singing, or making some sort of noise. When you sing “Dada” from the back seat it melts our hearts. You aren’t sleeping through the night yet but that’s okay. I don’t mind the early morning cuddles. We hope you had as much fun this year as we have.

Happy birthday my sweet bean.

For our friends and family near and far, you are always close in our hearts and we wanted to share this new and exciting journey with you! Say hi!

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  1. Ok, so just an FYI that I won’t be able to read your blog anymore if you keep posting such tear-jearking entries! Oh wait, maybe it’s just my hormones:) Happy Birthday Bean! See you guys at the par-tay!