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Sofia watched her first Shirley Temple movie last night. When she watched Star Wars for the first time it I think it had a special meaning for Ajay. A rite of passage. That is how Shirley Temple movies are for me. I think every parent wants their children to experience the best of their childhood, and for me curly top is it. Happy times that I often look back on include chasing each other around Nana and Papa’s backyard with the smell of rose bushes in the air, coming upstairs on my birthday and having the house fully decorated in celebration of me, and snuggling on Nonna and Nonno’s bed with a notebook full of movie titles in our laps. We would skim the pages looking for inspiration, and more often than not, we would choose something with Shirley Temple.

Knowing Sofia’s love of song and dance I knew she would love her movies, I just wasn’t sure when she would be ready. She has been watching Annie non-stop and will play the soundtrack any chance she gets. When they sing “Let’s go to the movies”? She has to have special silver shoes on and she will “tap” along with the characters. I keep trying to get video of it but when she starts I can’t do anything but watch. Such a little ham. Last night I was doing some work and she was snuggled in bed with Ajay watching something on his laptop. I assumed it was a cartoon but when she ran in crying, saying that “Around the Corner” was over and Daddy wouldn’t let her watch it again it took me a moment to realize what she was watching. She hasn’t stopped talking about it since. I guess it is time to introduce her to the other great curly top movies. Let the flood gates open!

For our friends and family near and far, you are always close in our hearts and we wanted to share this new and exciting journey with you! Say hi!

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