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oh you silly woman

cimg5614.jpgIt has been an interesting day with the bean. I have Fridays off from work so they are usually reserved for errands. We are all sick so when Sofia woke up this morning at 7 it was a bit painful. Needless to say when her morning nap rolled around I crashed on the couch while Ajay did a bit of work. When we all woke up and had eaten lunch, Sofia and I headed out for our errands. cimg5627.jpgWe first hit the mall to return a few things and see what we could find at the Old Navy sale. I found a ton and headed into the dressing room. I tried on the first shirt and was pleased at what I saw. Pretty cute, I thought. Smiling I turned towards Sofia and she gave me a look like “Mom, are you kidding?”. So that one went back on the rack. She was well behaved for the rest of the errands, if you don’t count the cart licking at Target. At least this time another mom didn’t stop me to lecture me on the diseases that can be found on a shopping center cart. It builds up the immune system right?

cimg5629.jpgAnyway, now we are home and Sofia is watching her Here Come the ABC’s dvd she got for Christmas. She was pulling at the glass doors of the dvd cabinet. I walked over and gave her a little swat on the hand and said “No, we don’t do that”. She looked up and sighed as if to say “Oh you silly woman, when will you learn” and then reached up and swatted my face. Then she went back to watching her dvd. Lovely.

It isn’t all teenage years around here though. She is having some pretty cute moments. She has learned the word gentle and while she says that she will rub your cheek. Granted it isn’t in a very gentle way but at least it isn’t pinching! I think she is finally over her fear of bubbles. cimg5619.jpgThe other night I filled the bathtub with some Aveda Rosemary Mint body wash to get some mintyness into the air since she was a bit stuffed up. Sofia came over to the bath and oohed at the bubbles. I got excited thinking that now she likes them. I put her in and it was like putting her into acid. She was screaming and crying and couldn’t believe I could be so mean. So she stood next to the bath while I showed her how fun bubbles were. After a bit she was ready to get in. Once we got past the initial shock of it she sat down and laughed at the bubbles that would cling onto her hand when she stuck it in the water. I got excited so what did I do? Added more bubbles of course! Oh you silly woman… maybe next time.

For our friends and family near and far, you are always close in our hearts and we wanted to share this new and exciting journey with you! Say hi!

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