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slacker no slacking, slacker no slacking!

I don’t know why it takes me so long to get a post up here. Maybe because the times that I sit down to do it are either right when I wake up or right before I go to bed and in each case I would rather be sleeping. We had a good week. Celebrated my birthday with the Fleschners and Holdens and had a lovely dinner out with Ajay, sans Sofia. We did miss her but it was nice to not be worrying about her shrieking, climbing, crying, throwing, etc during a meal. This week is going to be just as busy. Bebe and Grandpa arrive on Friday for our last weekend in the loft. Well actually second to last weekend but the following weekend all our stuff will be moved out and we will just be cleaning. And by “we” I mean “I”.


Sofia is trying harder and harder to be a 2 year old. She is chatting up a storm and is starting to play on her own more and more. It is becoming easier for me to work from home as she will entertain herself, diapering and un-diapering her stuffed animals or baby doll. It is funny how much she picks up from us and hilarious to hear her say “Oooof, that’s ugusting” when opening the dolls diaper. It sure is my sweet bean, it sure is.


For our friends and family near and far, you are always close in our hearts and we wanted to share this new and exciting journey with you! Say hi!

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