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always one number off

cimg5646.jpgSofia says “diaper” with a southern accent. Maybe it makes it seem a bit more sophisticated to her, or maybe it is all the Paula Dean we watch.

Her pink eye is pretty much cleared up and we are heading to Spokane this weekend. Some of my high school friends are getting together to celebrate the birth of one baby and the upcoming arrival of another. And to spent some quality time with Bebe and Grandpa. And to probably eat some good food. cimg5640.jpgSofia’s eating has really taken of and she will now try just about anything. Last night it was turkey chili, the night before a spicy mexican soup, and when Sebastian and Eloise we over it was kettle corn. We’ll see what she tried this weekend.

cimg5655.jpgSofia is also learning the ABC’s and can sing them, although she makes up her own letters. Now during Wheel of Fortune she will shout out letters along with the other players.  When someone wins a trip and they flash a Wheel Watchers number on the screen to give another person a chance to win the trip, Sofia always rushes towards the television and stares intently at the numbers. The she will turn around and sigh. Maybe next episode little bean.

General humor

mommy put on me diaper

Sometimes when I am bored or feeling down and need a laugh I check out our google analytics keyword list. It is a list of the keywords people had typed in and then came to our site. Some of the recent ones are pretty strange and include “diaper me up”, “put me in diapers”, and “video of me pooping in my diaper”… I don’t know if I should laugh or be really afraid. Really really afraid. And maybe laugh just a little bit.


not really pink, more like tea rose

The bean has pink eye, or eyes I should say. She woke up on Monday from her nap with a droopy left eye and something just looked a little off. By yesterday she had definite pink eye in the left eye and the right eye was looking pretty weepy too. By 3am this morning she couldn’t open either eye. So sad. I asked the doctor if she was contagious and he said yes, but not more so than if it was a stuffy nose or cough. He said the main difference is that it is much easier for a kid to rub his eye and pass it on that it is for them to stick their finger up their nose and pass it on. Oh doctor, I beg to differ. Sofia discovered her nose and the beauty of a good pick the other day. It was quite by accident but once the finger was in there it was in there for awhile. She turned to me with her finger solidly implanted in her nose. What is this odd sensation? Why does my finger fit so nicely there and why does it feel so comfortable. I want to do it again and again!!! She hasn’t done it again since but I have a feeling with a few more accidental picks we are going to be in trouble.


hearts all around

cimg04901.jpgThis morning I woke up and started getting ready. I walked out to the family room to do a quick workout and on the table was a gorgeous orchid and card from Ajay with some money in it so I could “have a coffee on him” on my way to work. On the way out the door I popped a gray sea salt, dark chocolate caramel in my mouth, an early valentine’s present I received a couple days ago. So tasty, every morning should be started this way. In face every hour should be started that way… Happy Valentine’s Day to me!! Oh and all y’all too.

And yes, I know that is a picture from last year but I just can’t get enough of that little tushie!


not so wordless wednesday

cimg5596.jpgWe didn’t read any stories last night. Sofia was too tired to concentrate so we just laid down and played the face game, her pointing to parts of my face and me telling her what they are called. Nose, eye, ear. She knows “gentle” too and will rub her hand on my cheek while I say it. The minute I stop she grabs as much skin as she can pinches away. It is our little version of musical chairs I guess.

cimg5593.jpgNot much to update. Sofia knows a couple more words now, including “okey dokey”, except she says “dotey dotey”. She also says “hoT”, with emphasis on the t sound. She will place her hand over her food and say “hoT”. Pretty smart that kid. She has turned into a toddler overnight and throws temper tantrums daily to make sure we remember that. It’s fun, let me tell you. Her tantrums consist of fists clenched, a face red, and to top it off, the open mouth yell.  She looks right at you when she does it too. She says “hi” with a little sideways wave. When we are stopped at a light I will angle the rearview mirror so we can look at each other and she will smile, tilt her head, say “hi” and give me that sideways wave. Times like that make the tantrums not so bad.

On a side note, Lent starts today and I have been trying to think of what to give up. In the past it has been chocolate, coffee, sweets… but those only really benefited me.  I wasn’t really giving anything up that would in turn help anyone else. So this year I am giving up yelling, or actually raising my voice. Ajay is super excited for the next 40 days. We’ll see how long this lasts… DOTEY DOTEY?!