that’s the spirit

The other day a co-worker was talking about visiting her daughter at college. From her stories about this daughter, she sounds a lot like Sofia, very spirited. We were talking about children’s personalities and she said the best advice she ever got was from her dad. He asked her one day “Do you know what your job is?”. She replied that she didn’t and he responded with “your job is to make sure she never looses that spirit”. She said it really helped her understand her daughter, and to have more patience with her. I thought about it, tucked it into the back of my mind. Over the next few days it really stuck with me and I got to thinking. At some point between childhood and adulthood we loose a bit of our humor. I think Sofia has a smile on her face for probably 80% of her day. Mine probably 30%. How many times a day do I tell Sofia to be quieter, to settle down. For things like skipping through the house, and singing songs at the top of her lungs. Do I want a child who sits still, hands in her lap, waiting to be spoke to? On occasion I may think that would be nice, but realistically I love the bean for the crazy child she is. I love that she gets into her car seat by climbing first into the truck, then up over the top of the car seat, and then finally settling in. I love that she has to put a princess dress on whenever she watches a show where there is dancing so she can dance too. I love that she cracks herself up just saying the word “popo”. The other day she was goofing out at bedtime, things went flying, and then she gassed. She immediately started laughing and my instinct was to be the grownup and say “Sofia, settle down, that isn’t funny. Go to sleep!”, but you know what? It was funny. It was hilarious. So I joined in and and we laughed at what had happened, then we laughed some more at each other laughing. In that moment there were no dirty dishes waiting to be cleaned, no bills to be paid, no work to be finished. There was just me and the bean and some good old belly laughing. And really, who doesn’t need more of that? Good times.

For our friends and family near and far, you are always close in our hearts and we wanted to share this new and exciting journey with you! Say hi!

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