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time keeps on tickin’ tickin’

We are heading out in a bit to attend Noah Holden’s first birthday party. Well one of them. But come on, first birthday! Craziness. I can’t believe it has been a year since we were all sitting around staring at Jacqueline’s belly, analyzing every move she made wondering if that day was going to be the day she was going into labor. And now it has been a year, and pretty soon we will be celebrating little Georgia Lee’s birthday as well. Where is all the time going?

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Oh I know, it is going to weekends in Spokane and Ajay’s birthday. Sofia and I spent the 4th up in Spokane. Bebe and Grandpa ordered in the good weather and the good food. We had a great 48 hours swimming and eating and relaxing. A few days later we were celebrating Ajay’s birthday with Malaysian food and tasty cake. It was a mellow day but nice that we were all home together.

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Saturday we head to Sunriver for a week with the family. I can’t wait to see the clan from London, I can’t wait to spend a week with cousins, grandparents, Aunties and Uncles, but mainly I can’t wait to have 5 days of time away with Ajay and the bean. I don’t mind the time tickin’ away when it is tickin’ to the good stuff.

For our friends and family near and far, you are always close in our hearts and we wanted to share this new and exciting journey with you! Say hi!

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