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weekly update

I am not quite sure where to start. It has been a busy few weeks and I have been slacking on my Saturday updates. The past few weeks have been filled with fun and excitement, baby showers and birthdays. We got news that when our lease is up in August, our lease is up and we need to move. It is bittersweet, we need more room but this has been our home for over four years now. I can’t imagine having a better view anywhere. You love being outside though and it would be nice to have a small backyard, or at least a deck that wasn’t 4 stories above the ground. Now that the weather is warm it is hard to keep you indoors. You wake up in the morning running for the door yelling “Outside!” and at night you try to climb over the baby gate onto the patio so you can see the “Mooon!!!”. You keep pushing things like side tables and step stools up to the gate, hoping to get a leg up and over. Yesterday we took a long walk and ended up at a park. You were so excited when you saw the grass. “Paaak!!!” you shouted and tried to break out of the stroller. I think you went down the slide 20 times at least.


We need to keep an eye on you now. You have been climbing everywhere. Today I walked in the room and you were standing on the dining room table. You can climb up on the bar stools and start playing on the computer. It is funny how your mind works. Last week we made a few videos to send to Auntie Baba and you loved watching them again and again. Now when I am on the computer you start crying “Baba, baba!!” and want to make another video. I can’t take a picture without you rushing over “lesss see!”. Your personality is coming out more and more and I know I say that every time but it is so true. You get frustrated when you can’t do something yourself, especially eating, and are very particular about how things are done. Tonight I was dyeing my hair and I went to rinse it out in the bathtub where you take your baths. You started freaking out when the dye was running out with the water and I sat up and said “It’s okay, mommy’s okay!”. Silly Mommy. You came back over to me with a sponge in her hand. I thought you were worried about me but you were mad I was getting your tub all dirty.


You are still reading a ton and will sit and read with Daddy, or even by yourself sometimes. Today we bought a new Little Einsteins book at Target and for the rest of the shopping trip and all the way home you studied that book. You only looked up once when Angels and Airwaves came on the stereo. You just started bopping your head to the beat and went back to reading. We had the windows rolled down and turned the volume up and I thought “Now this is summer”. Bean bopping in the back, people out on the streets, bbq smells pouring in the window. Finally!


For our friends and family near and far, you are always close in our hearts and we wanted to share this new and exciting journey with you! Say hi!

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