General weekly update

weekly update

This has been a crazy few weeks for us Bean. First we fly you across the country, make you stay with people you don’t know, meet a bunch more people you don’t know, stick you in front of a few big dogs, fly you back across the country, then have two total strangers watch you while mommy and daddy have an actual night out together. I knew I was taking the easy way out by leaving you at GiGi’s with the sitters when you were asleep. Looking back I should have woken you up and explained what was going to happen. Instead I snuck out, having total faith in your two new sitters, while you woke up shortly after wondering what in bloody hell you were doing there and who the … were they!! This whole week you have been shrieking and even if I am in the same place as you, if you can’t find me right away you freak out. Totally my fault and hopefully we will get past this and on to another way to scar you for life.


We watch each other in the rear view mirror while I drive and dance to our favorite songs. Yesterday was the first day when I did a dance and looked back expecting you to be smiling but instead you were looking at me like I was a dork and you couldn’t believe you were related to me. You sighed and then looked out the window. Yup, it is already starting.


You are growing in leaps and bounds and your hair is now long enough to put in a ponytail on top of your head. Pants that we had set aside because they were too long are now short on you. It was totally overnight. If I look away from you for awhile and then look back I half expect our little tiny baby bean to be sitting there but you are far from that, more like our bright little toddler bean. Still there are faces you make that remind me of our first few days together, especially when you crinkle your face and you get the under eye crease-dimples that Daddy has.



You copy everything we do and now everything we say. You like to throw food from your highchair and mimic me by saying “Dude!”. Your eating has gotten better and you devour everything, especially sloppy joes and the indian daal and vegetable rice that I made this week. Vegetables are your favorite food right now and Daddy is afraid you might turn into a vegetarian, not that it would be so bad. You will try anything at least once, as long as you can do it yourself. Although that could all change by next week.


For our friends and family near and far, you are always close in our hearts and we wanted to share this new and exciting journey with you! Say hi!

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