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If I had a penny for every time Sofia asked this question I would have a million pennies. And now you are probably asking that question as we have been MIA for the past few weeks. No idea how it has been three weeks since our last post. We have been busy that is for sure. We were so blessed to have two of my great friends from college come and visit us. Stacey and Lysee, Stacey bringing her almost three year old son, Ryan, with her. I was happy they were coming but a little stressed thinking about how Sofia might behave. She had been doing so well with her pushing and hitting, keeping it under control most of the time. Lately though she has been regressing and is having a harder time controlling her behavior and emotions. I didn’t want Stacey to come all this way only to have Sofia make her son cry. I didn’t have to worry though, Sofia did have her moments but Ryan could also hold his own. For the most part they were two peas in a pod and had a great time together. We had a barbecue, went to the park, showed them the coast and Cannon Beach and even managed to get a girls night out (thank you Auntie Gigi for watching the kids!) It was sad to see them leave but hopefully we can persuade them to come back this fall. You can see all our pics from their trip here.

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Other than that we are enjoying the summer. I can’t believe it is the end of June already. How time is flying. We are taking swimming lessons again and Sofia has made friends with one of the girls in her class. Ella just like Eloise! Her mother and I were commenting on how this age is so great. I must say it is my favorite so far. Our good days far outweigh our bad ones. Not that they are really bad, but the tantrums can get kind of old. The other day she was crying for an hour straight. I thought I would scream or she would puke. Luckily she calmed down before either happened. She is getting more and more articulate though, saying how much she missed you while you were gone, or letting you know she is upset. “Mommy, I am upset”. Something so cute about such a little bean saying something like that. She is starting to play better on her own now, and will even sit and read a book herself. Well, look at it herself anyway. It is hard to think in a couple months she will start school. Only two days a week but still. School. School! How is that even possible?

I can’t think about that now. Right now we are focusing on the rest of the summer. Spokane in a couple weeks for the 4th. Yes Nonna, we are coming. Will you be around?


For our friends and family near and far, you are always close in our hearts and we wanted to share this new and exciting journey with you! Say hi!

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