General terrible twos

you just don’t understand

Last night was one of those nights where we kept wishing we had a video camera set on record. Sofia was on fire. When she is tired she gets really wound up and hyper and spews hilarious phrases from her mouth. Things like “oh no mommy, Thank you!” and “let’s get cozy!” She will be this way up until the lights go out and honestly I don’t know when it stops because usually I am fast asleep while she is still yapping away. Yesterday was a long day. She was up early, well early for her, and ran out to the family room shouting “it is a bright and sunny day!!”. We spent most of the day outside in the yard and by 5:30 dinner had long been finished and we were collapsed on the couch, remote in hand. Sofia was snuggly and kept asking for her “chucho” which now lives only in her bedroom so I kept saying no. Then around 8 a switch turned on and hyper bean came out. She was running around, back and for between us and the floor where she would “get cozy” with her kitty and baboon pillow. Then “brriiiiiiing! Time to gee-up!” and she would hop back up and off she would go.

At some point something set her off. It was either something we said or did, I can’t remember, and she was hysterical. Face in hands, Oh man and what do I do, big sobs, hysterical. We tried to console her but that just made things worse. She ran into the hall closet and shut the door. Flash forward to 11 years from now when she is a teenager and running to her room in tears, slamming the door shouting “leave me alone!”. We kept trying to get her to come out but she was mumbling something through her tears and we couldn’t do anything but sit and wait. Eventually she came out and got over it. I really can’t remember what set her off. I think it was a book we weren’t reading fast enough or something. Whatever it was, it was so important to her and so frustrating to her that we couldn’t see that, and didn’t take her seriously enough. Oh the teen years are going to be a blast.

For our friends and family near and far, you are always close in our hearts and we wanted to share this new and exciting journey with you! Say hi!

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